Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave EVO Levitas

I have been fortunate enough to be favored by the wonderful people at Mizuno. From time to time I am sent shoes to review and now that I have put enough mileage on these, I need to give comment on here.

Women’s Wave Evo Levitas

These shoes are classified as a minimal, zero drop shoe. The women’s size 8 is 5.1 ounces.
The upper is comprised of a primarily mesh construction. The tongue is not attached. It lays flat against the foot with no bunching up. The laces are thin and flat, and hold well. I haven’t had any issues with them coming undone when running. Because of the mesh material, you can plan on your feet getting wet in inclement weather. I wouldn’t advise running in the snow either, as you will have cold, wet, feet! Summertime running is going to be great with the airiness of the mesh! I don’t run without socks, but I bet it would feel great.
I will say that these run large. I normally wear a 10 in everyday shoes, but I buy an 11 in my running shoes. So… I was sent a size 11, and they feel like a size 12. I could have stayed with a size 10. Not wanting to send them back because I like them so much, I just kept them and run in them anyway. Hasn’t caused me any issues thus far.
I like that the upper is primarily see-through. I put on white socks to
demonstrate the uniqueness of the upper.
To demonstrate how they fit, this first picture shows my foot all the way to the front of the shoe, where it normally would be if they had fit perfectly. As you can see, since it is primarily mesh, it stretches on the sides to accommodate my foot. They are just a little narrower than some of the other Mizuno shoes, but again, it doesn’t cause me any issues.
This second picture shows where my foot falls when I am just wearing it normally, with my heel all the way in the back. Notice the oblique lacing… I really like how that feels, it is very comfortable.
Here’s the side view. A very nice looking shoe!
My thoughts on this shoe:
This is a nice zero drop shoe for minimalist runners that dont need that much structure and cushioning. I will say that I love wearing these to work, as the sole of the shoe in the front has just a wee bit of “cush” to it, and it feels like having on your favorite slippers. When I run in these, I feel really fast, like there is nothing on my feet at all.
Thank you Mizuno for making a great shoe!
Disclaimer: I was given this pair of Mizuno’s to review and all opinions are my own. 
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