Product Review: RooSport

Anyone that knows me knows that I am all about “gadgets”. I love trying out new things that are unique and different. Recently I was given the opportunity to try a new product called the RooSport. This is a great little pouch that you can wear when you’re running, walking, hiking, and it’s even great for shopping.
The way that this product is different is that it’s a pouch but it has a strong magnetic clasp and it closes over the rim of your shorts or pants. Just slip the pouch part inside your pants and fold the flap over. The magnet does the rest. It doesn’t slip or move.
I put my IPhone5 in it and it was snug but it did fit. The nice thing is that on the side there is a hole for earbud plug to go in so it doesn’t get squished. I don’t know how many sets of earphones I have ruined because the wires got broken from being bent over when I was running. 🙁
(for this picture I used hubby’s Iphone4 as I was taking the picture with my Iphone5)
You also have a zippered part where you can put your keys, snacks, and your ID. Plenty of room. This part is made of a stretchy material side that has some “give” to it.
 I really like this product. I think it’s very well made and it looks like it’s going to hold up very well.  I absolutely loved it the couple of times that I have used it so far. I was lucky enough to be given a second RooSport pouch to give away on my blog!!  I would like to see someone win this that has never tried it before, so that they can enjoy hands-free running and not having to worry about your key falling out of your shorts or anything like that. I also have used it with my pager when I’m on call for the hospital. It fits perfectly inside this and I covered the beeper with a plastic baggie as it was raining, and no moisture got on it. You could do that for your phone too if you are someone that perspires a lot when running.
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