Post Achilles Surgery Day 9

Thought I would do a quick update on how things are going. The good thing is I’m off all meds except for an occasional Ibuprofen. Pretty much no pain at all. When my leg is hanging down, the pressure gets uncomfortable and that takes a while to subside. For now, I’m stuck keeping the leg elevated. I worry about the scar as there isn’t much blood flow in that area of the heel. Many people have issues with wound healing because of it. I keep praying that come Tuesday when the splint comes off, there isn’t some infection or an open gaping wound there. I’m sure that if it was not healing properly, I probably would feel it. But then again, I have a high pain tolerance so I guess time will tell.

I was watching the Men’s Olympic Marathon this morning. I am always in awe of these athletes and how hard they push themselves. I felt sorry for Meb that he didn’t have the best race, but he will always be my favorite. Two of my friends were out competing in IronMans this morning. That is something that I had never considered doing as swimming really isn’t my thing. However, it is something that I will tuck away for future thought.

Coming up will be the office visit with pics on Tues. Stay tuned for updates!

One response to “Post Achilles Surgery Day 9”

  1. Doreen says:

    Hang in there, Weezie. You are a tough cookie and will not be down long. Take time to relax and heal 🙂