Beach to Beacon Race 2015 Maine


Yesterday I ran what will probably be my last race for this year, the Beach to Beacon race in Cape Elizabeth (Maine). This is my 3rd time running this, though I thought it was my fourth! My bad! Anyway… of all the races I have done, this one is my alltime favorite that I will try to do every single year if I’m able. The crowds are fantastic, and the whole 10K is easy peasy compared to what I normally run. This is a point to point race, along the Maine coast. If you want to see some beautiful scenery in a quaint Maine coastal town, this is the race to do!

I am still having issues with my Achilles tendon, so I have made the decision to forgo any further training and rest it for the rest of this year. However, if I feel like going for a nice easy run, I will. I just wont have my Coach Caleb Masland plotting out my training runs. We will stick to crosstraining and biking instead. Running with an injury is risky, especially if it worsens. I do not want to have to have surgery on this, so time will tell. Now back to the race recap…

The day was hot, bright, sunny out, a perfect weather day all together. My husband was on the media team, so he dropped me off early at the shuttle bus area, and left to go take his spot on the route. I was at the starting area around 6:30am, wandering around like I usually do. It’s fun to just hang out and watch for people I know. You would think that in 6000 runners, it would be hard to find someone, but I did manage to see a couple of friends there. First of all, my friend Marion was running this race for the first time. We had fun gabbing and catching up before the race. Don’t we look happy???


For those of you that might not know this, the race was founded by Joan Benoit Samuelson. Cape Elizabeth is her hometown, and a beautiful one at that. The cool thing about this race is that the registration literally sells out in between 3.5 – 4 minutes time! You have to be quick on the computer to get a slot! If you dont make it in, theres also a lottery that you can put your name in for a second try. So far I have managed to register twice, and the first year I won a complimentary bib from TD Bank. I plan on making this a yearly event.

I had plans to meet up with a friend of mine, Dennis at the start. However, that didnt happen, and I caught up with him around mile 3 I think it was. This is a picture from last year’s meet up before the race. We didnt get one this year, as I was in full race mode, even though I was struggling to keep running. Due to the Achilles issue, I had to walk a lot more than I had planned. I did manage to keep a good pace when I was running though, so I ended up coming in 14 mins slower than last year.  I wanted to finish in 1.5 hours, and that is what I managed to pull off, so I’m pleased. Next year, I would like to shave at least another 15 minutes off of that, God willing.


The official race pictures aren’t out yet, but I have one I like that my husband took, and a couple of others from other people.

CAPE ELIZABETH, ME - JULY 28: Portrait of Joan Benoit at Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth. (Gordon Chibroski/Staff Photographer)

CAPE ELIZABETH, ME – JULY 28: Portrait of Joan Benoit at Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth.
(Gordon Chibroski/Staff Photographer) Portland Press Herald


Here I am, heading towards the Lighthouse, which for me is the most challenging part of the race.

All uphill and winding around through the corrals to the finish line.


Here I am after just crossing the starting line. Happy Happy!!


If you would like to read more about the race, you can find the information here at the TDBank Beach to Beacon website.

Would love to see you there next year. If you go, look for my black and red race uniform, and say hi!


2 responses to “Beach to Beacon Race 2015 Maine”

  1. Dana says:

    Sorry to hear this will probably be your last race of the year. Hopefully you’ll have a speedy recovery and be back out racing again soon.

  2. Jamie J says:

    Have always wanted to run this! Joan Benoit is one of my inspirations! Someday will run this race!