Simple ways to make the best of your runs

Everyone knows that sometimes you just don’t want to go out the door to run. Whether it’s 4:30 am or 7pm, it hits everyone, every now and then. We runners are a strange breed though. How many people can say that they go out and do something they love, at strange hours, at the same time complaining that you don’t want to do it? Does that make sense? Pretty much only to us.

I often get caught up in the “stuff” associated with my running. I have to match my clothes.. yes, I know.. V A I N. I agree *hand raised*. And, if I am going to wear the politically correct apparel, then OF COURSE I have to match my shoes! Duh! Then comes the matching headband, watch, belt etc… my list goes on and on.

Lets talk simplicity. To go out to run, you really only need the basics. For those of you that are beginner runners, you don’t have to have all of that stuff I was just talking about. Be simple. There’s a lot to be said for not stressing about the details.

Simple, to me, means: Good running shoes. Preferably, you go to a running store, not a big box store, and get properly fitted for shoes that fit your feet. Be prepared to dish out about $100.00. (Try not to get sticker shock. You want your body to have all the advantages that you can, when you begin running.) Once you find something that is comfortable, then you take them for a test run. Real running stores will let you run around the block to try them out. Once you have the shoes, then you can pick a color you like from the selection you just chose. Don’t buy by color!

Simple, to me, means: NON-COTTON socks! Spend a little more on one good pair of running socks. Go with a known running brand to start off. There are a lot of companies out there that make socks, a few of my favorites are: Feetures!, Swiftwick, Darn Tough, and Balega. Again, $14.00 a pair is normal for quality running socks that will last a while.

Simple, to me, means: Good shorts, or capris, or tights. You only need one pair to start out. If you are going to run multiple times a week though, you should get at least two. It’s helpful if you buy something with flat stitched seams. Regular seaming on clothing will cause more friction against your skin and set you up for some major chafing issues.

Simple, to me, means: A decent sweat wicking shirt. Don’t run in a cotton t-shirt. Invest in one good running shirt that is some sort of a polyester type fabric. It will keep you warmer when it’s cool out, and cooler when it’s warm out. Again, flat seams are a must.

Simple, to me, means: A good running bra. Ladies, don’t go with a cheapy bra if your girls are at least a C cup. Get something that will hold the girls in place so you won’t be bouncing down the road as you run. Stay away from metal closures. Pay attention to any velcro, that it isn’t going to rub on your skin. The band around your chest should be soft and not a rough elastic.

Simple, to me, means: Time to reflect while running. Many people have to listen to music to be able to run. I prefer to hear the traffic around me, since I run on a major road 95% of the time. I do listen to music, but I have my iphone playing from my flipbelt instead of wearing earbuds. That way I am tuned into my surroundings and the traffic.

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Keep to the basics and enjoy yourself without getting bogged down in details. Do you run “simple” or go all out with all the “stuff” ??


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  1. Dana says:

    I like some type of electronic gizmo that keeps track of my heart rate and at least distance. The HR monitor lets me know how hard I worked and the distance give me more freedom to just roam when I run and I don’t have to remember all the twists and turns I took later on.