Daily Exercise Log

Today it was Easter Sunday. One of my favorite times of the year. This afternoon was so nice that I decided I was going to lace up the new ASICS and head to the outdoor track. I first did one lap around, which would be 440yds.  Back in high school, that was my run. I set the school record in the 440 and 880yd runs, and in the girls high and long jump.  The 440 was my favorite, as I wasnt keen on racing the long distances, nor was I a sprinter, though my coach really tried to make one of me.. lol

So anyway, I popped the Couch 2 5K program on my ipod and off I went.  The wind was mild, I felt great. It was sooo good to be back on the track again, getting that euphoria that comes with a good workout. I wasn’t able to do all of the running parts, as I could tell my blood pressure was getting kinda high and I was feeling a bit dizzy now and then. But.. I kept walking when I didn’t run, and I feel I ran about 65% of the time that I was supposed to do. Not bad for a real day one. The best part was I did the WHOLE workout this time.. not just half of one! My next time out will be Tues after work if all goes well.

I just took the dog out to pee. It’s so nice and mild out right now. Really reminds me of those nights when I would lace up and leave the house to go run. I’d just tell mom that I’d be back in an hour and walked right out the door. I miss those days. So carefree and the possibilities were endless back then.  I guess they are now too, right???

Happy Easter and have a wonderful week everyone!

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