2014 Beach to Beacon recap

This past Saturday I had a second opportunity to run the Premier event for Maine, the Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth. This race was founded by Joan Benoit Samuelson. This is her home town and the roads she is used to running and is one of Maine’s most beautiful towns along the coast where a good amount of Maine’s wealthy folks live. This 10K is normally shown to have elite runners that are invited by Joanie and her staff.  This year some of them were, Meb Keflezighi, Mika Kogo, Shalane Flanagan, Gemma Steele, … you get the picture?   More than 6,000 recreational runners followed the front-of-the-pack athletes along the scenic TD Beach to Beacon course, cheered on by thousands of spectators who line the coastal route to support this now classic American summer road race that celebrates health, fitness and giving back. 
If you do decide to run this race, I will warn you that it sold out in under 4 mins time for 6000 slots! The best bet is to get your name on the email list so you know when the day comes for registration, then you just have to be fast! 
Since this was my second year in a row running this race, I do have to say that it is my most favorite race of all. There isn’t a spot within that whole 6.2 miles that there isn’t spectators yelling, clapping, singing, playing music or offering food or drink for us runners. The enthusiasm is phenomenal! If you are having a bad race you cant help but have your spirits lifted by the crowd. They really enjoy the runners coming through town and are happy to tell you so! I can’t remember how many times I heard, “Go Louise!” “You got this Louise!”  It was soooo much fun!
Because they shut down almost all the roads in town for the race, you have to arrive early to find parking. They have shuttle buses available at the High School, that you can take to the start line, and back after the race. This year I was lucky enough that my husband was on the media team so we got to park at the finish line which was handy afterwards. 
How was my race? Good for the most part. It was humid, which did make running a little tougher. The good thing is that there were plenty of distractions to take the mind off the heat. Gotta love those people who sprayed their hoses in the street for us! That was the best!  I managed a 2 min 6 sec PR from last year. I will say that made my day!  
Here are a few pictures from the day:

My Team Singlet:
The starting line. Meb K is all the way to the left.
Before the start, I was able to find my friend Keisha! We met this year at the 15K race at Sugarloaf.
Then I found Jen, Jill and Stacy!
Then, I managed to find a long-lost friend from 28 or so years ago.. he was my boss at my first xray job in Fort Kent Maine. Dennis and I just recently reconnected on Facebook and I was so stoked when he told me he was running B2B! Was so great to see him again and share his first road race with him!
And last.. my results:
And a few pictures of me from the race:
( This one is my fave.. and it was taken by my hubby ) 
I do have to mention that since I am favored by Skechers Performance, I wanted to make sure that hubby got some good pictures of Meb as he was coming in to finish. He promised me he would. After the race, when I finally caught up to hubster in the car, the first thing I asked was, “Did you get the Meb pics”… He pulls out the camera and shows me this.  Ummmmm……?????? #%@^%$@
Enough said on that subject! ;0)
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2 responses to “2014 Beach to Beacon recap”

  1. Amy C says:

    Some day I will get up to Maine for this one <3 Congrats on your PR!

  2. That sounds like a beautiful race! Did Meb win? That’s awesome that your hubby got a pic with him. Great job on the pr!!