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Today’s review is of two types of sunglasses from the XX2i company. 


The first pair is the: France2 
And the second is: USA1

Here are my thoughts about the two. First lets talk about the France2.
These sunglasses came with interchangeable lenses, temple tips and nose pads, in a couple of different colors. Very cool! I’ve included the specs. You certainly can’t beat their lifetime warranty, and return policy. Outstanding!
How do they look?
Here is a look at all that was included with this pair. Definitely lots of possibilities. I did like them a lot, though in the beginning I had a little bit of a hard time swapping out the lenses. I contacted the company and they referred me to their videos, and after that I’ve had no issue at all. They did fog up a little bit but I think that is because I tend to perspire a lot more than most people and get overheated.
Next up: The USA1
I will say right now, that they are my favorite lenses, fashionwise. I love the white, and how it looks and feels on my face. These fit me fantastically and I grab them almost all the time when I go out the door to run.  I was not sent any interchangeable lenses, though there is that option for those that would want to swap them out and pay a little more. They came in a really nice carrying case and had a soft cloth case to store them in also. ( The France2’s also came in the same type of case.)
Here are the details from the website. Same fantastic warrantee and return policy.
Again I had a little bit of an issue with fogging as I tend to get very overheated when I run. To be honest, I have yet to find any pair of sunglasses that don’t fog up on me. In the meantime, I will just keep using these, as they are definitely my favorite.
So what’s my take on this company and the products?
Great warrantee
Great customer service
Full YEAR return policy
If I was passing through a store and saw the France2 sunglasses, would I buy them?
Probably not. Why? They just aren’t really my style. I like them a lot,
but I feel like they just aren’t for me.
How about the USA1’s?

YES YES YES!! I would pick those up in a minute and go home a happy camper.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Thank you to XX2i for providing me with these to review for you.
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