Sugarloaf 15K recap

This past Sunday I was in Carrabassett Valley Maine, to run the Sugarloaf 15K. This mountain has long been my favorite for skiing, and now it’s a favorite area for running also. 
The 15K is run at the same time as the Sugarloaf Marathon, which has the distinction of being Maine’s fastest Marathon and is a Boston Qualifier event. Why is it the fastest? Look at the elevation map!
What’s especially nice about the 15K is that its pretty much all downhill. My running coach Caleb Masland specifically had me plan to play it conservatively for the first half and then pick up my pace for the second. Well, I got really into the race and was feeling fantastic, and didn’t really pay attention to how fast I was going. I didn’t take many walk breaks, as I was desperately trying to get a PR. Last year’s time was 1:56:01. I actually wrote that on my arm in big numbers to remind me what I had to do. I had a mantra in my head… Get your P R. Get your P R.  over and over.
Running along the Carrabassett River
The weather was in the 50*s and I decided on a long sleeve shirt and capri/skirt. On my feet I had my GOrun Ride 3’s by Skechers. The rides have more cushioning in them than the GOrun 3’s and less than the Ultras. Perfect for a totally downhill race. I have to say that the cushioning was key to my legs feeling good for almost the whole race. Towards the end my quads were on fire, but that is to be expected to some degree. 
The Sugarloaf Hotel where we stayed.
The race is very well put together and its fun to see some old friends, and make new ones there also. The scenery is the best and the crowds in town are really, really fun. There were plenty of water stops and lots of volunteers with big smiles. When you run in the back of the pack, people notice you more because there isn’t a swarm of people all around you. You get lots of smiles and cheers, which really helps to keep you moving all the time.
The Skechers shoe display at the Expo. 
Runners were able to ask questions and do a wear test. 
It was great having a chance to talk shoes with them. 
My pace was pretty good until about mile 7. At that point I had to slow down as I was feeling a bit lightheaded. I had avoided the gatorade at the water stops, opting instead for just water and eating the jelly beans that I had in my pocket. After really realizing that I was running out of steam, I opted for Gatorade and that seemed to help me pick up the pace to finish. 
When I got into town and was running down the main street.. there were cars, trucks and 18 wheelers driving in and out of the runners. I almost got hit by a truck who refused to move over and basically ran me off the road and into the spectators, which caused me to lose a bit of time. I knew I was cutting it close as far as getting my PR goes, so I wasn’t very happy.  When I saw my husband, I knew I had to get my PR, so I ran as hard as I could to the finish, and I’m happy to say, I got a PR of 3 mins and 19 secs. Nice!!  
The finish line is in sight, and I am just about to realize I am going to get my PR.
I’m debating about running the full marathon there next year. My first marathon will be this October here in Maine, down in Portland. If I get through that ok, I think I might try for the Sugarloaf marathon, just because of the elevation drop. We’ll see. Ask me again after I run the Maine Marathon in Oct.!
My race shoe: 
The GOrun Ride 3
available here: Skechers Performance

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