Skechers Running Shoe Reviews

I have been fortunate to be able to take part in shoe testing as a brand ambassador for the Skechers New England Performance Division. (Same team that Boston Marathon winner MEB runs for except he’s from the West Coast and is in the Elite division) Basically, they send me different shoes to run in, and in return I give my comments and reviews. I also run in their apparel and represent them at races. I love what I do! I have basically been running in these (and my other favorite brand, Mizuno’s) on a regular basis. Very rarely do I get out any other brand anymore. I try to use a variety of shoes from both companies in my training, as it keeps my legs always guessing and there’s less chance of re-injuring my ankle that way. Also, your running shoes don’t wear out as quickly when you have a bunch you can rotate through. So now… onto my thoughts/reviews of different shoes!

The GOrun2 Night Owls



These have been retired from the Skechers site, but if you shop elsewhere you can still pick up a pair for a decent price. (As of 4/28/14 they are $54 on the 6PM.Com website) The reason I decided to mention these shoes is that because they glow in the dark, they are fantastic for night running. Since I prefer to run after work, sometimes it’s late before I can get out on the road, and visibility is key for my safety. I have tons of gadgets that I wear to be noticed, but most of all, my feet glowing in the dark sure catches the drivers’ attention!


The glow comes from Photo luminescent technology. Basically it uses phosphorus to make it glow in the dark like those kids stars and shapes you put under the light and they glow at night. Same thing. Put these shoes under the light for 15 mins and you have hours of glowing running! I find at night I can see them when we shut the lights off in our bedroom, 😉 This technology is only applied to certain parts of the shoe, and you don’t notice it during the daylight hours as they look like a normal everyday running shoe. So if you run at night and want to be visible, search the web for a pair of these before they disappear for good. I hope Skechers will bring them back soon as I only have the one pair!

The GOrun Ride 3



These would be my first pair of cushioned running shoes. I have always run in a more minimal shoe, and found that my ankle does not tolerate the instability of being up higher off the ground. I do much better and have less pain and issues when I stick with flatter shoes. I did however, want to try these shoes since they were a big hit with my fellow runner friends. They are a 4mm heel drop, which is what I am used to, they just are thicker underfoot and nicely soft. Not so soft that you feel like you are running on a couch cushion though! 😉 The GOrun Ride 3 sole is made up of a rubber/foam mix called Resalyte cushioning. This Resalyte is great on wet surfaces and doesn’t slip. I ran in these in wet sloppy snow and had no issues.




The fit is very nice.. toe box is not narrow and there’s plenty of room for toe splay. Midfoot running is fairly easy in these because of the tiniest of build up in the center. It actually makes them more comfortable when running. The uppers are soft and dont rub or create hotspots on my feet anywhere. I am current thinking about trying these on an upcoming all down hill 15K race next month. Haven’t quite decided for sure, but these are definitely in the running. As of today, 4/28/14, these shoes are readily available in the performance line at

The GOrun Ultra



Like a supersoft cushy shoe to run on? The Ultra is for you! The first time I put them on, I described them as “couch cushions” because I had never tried a cushioned running shoe before. I am used to running in flats which I prefer. These shoes are great for recovery running, trail running and walking. Although.. many people just run in them all the time.

Some of the key features of the Ultra:

• Enhanced Resalyte cushioning than Skechers GOrun Ride shoes 
• A unique combination of a soft Resalyte midsole and more rigid Resagrip outsole provides       cushioning and support 
• Aggressive traction control GOimpulse sensors on outsole allow for superior control on any       terrain 
• 4mm heel drop without insole; 8mm heel drop with added optional insole

These come in all sorts of colors, and are currently available on the Skechers website in the Performance area.


The GOrun 3



These are by far my favorite of the GOrun line of performance shoes. I wore these outdoors all winter running with a pair of Feetures! merino wool socks and my feet were just fine. If you know what kind of winter we had here in Maine, you’ll know it was brutal between the snow and the below zero temperatures. (I was also a 2013 ambassador for Feetures! brand socks. Since I started wearing those, I have had no blisters, no issues and my feet are warm in the winter when I’m outside. I can’t say enough about these socks!)
Since I fancy these more than some of the other ones I previously mentioned, I will go into a little more detail with these. These are extremely lightweight at 8.4 oz. They free like slippers, seriously. A 4mm heel to toe drop, and with the optional included insole, they become 8mm. Stack heights, 13.5 in the forefoot, 20 midfoot, and 17.5 in the heel. Why is the midfoot thicker? It helps you to run in a more relaxed posture of midfoot running. It’s better on the legs than having a heavy heel strike, as there is less force moving up through the legs. At first I wasn’t sure how I would like that tiny bit of build up, but as you start running, you don’t notice it at all, other than it feels “right”. (for me anyway!)


I just love these shoes. When I want to go for a run and just relax, I put these on. I feel fast in them, my feet don’t slide around at all, and most of the time I forget I have shoes on. These shoes are readily available at the Skechers website in the Performance area. If you would like a coupon code, they are readily available on the internet. Skechers is great about providing discounts for shoes that are not overly priced and are super to run in. Can’t beat that!


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