The Meaning of Mezamashii Running

If you saw my previous post “Making of a Mizuno Video” then you know of the amazing opportunity I had in going to Atlanta for filming. I spent a week with two other runners, Matt and Michelle, and also got to meet many other Mizuno runners who all had stories to tell of how Mizuno has really changed their running for the better.
I’ve been waiting to see this since April, and now, here it is.. finally! So proud! Thank you to the people at Mizuno, McKinney, and Eliot Rausch an amazing director!
If you havent joined the Mezamashii Run Project, I urge you to join now so you can be part of an amazing group of runners, and also will have the chance at lots of fun coming our each month! Go sign up now!                    Join the Mezamashii Run Project
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