Making of a video at Mizuno: DAY 2

Tuesday morning I got to sleep in and then had to be ready to be picked up at 1:30. This was when I met Michelle, NYCRunningMama. She had brought along her husband and two young boys. What an adorable family. The older son had the highest cuteness factor ever, and the baby was all non-stop smiles and giggles. He got plenty of attention from everyone!
We were driven out into the country to do the first shoot, which would be a running segment. It was a small park in rural GA, and was very nice. When we pulled in I was amazed at all the equipment and people milling around. It was quite something to see.
If you look on the left of the picture, you will see the truck with the crane on it. This had the camera on it, that would follow us as we were running. 
Michelle and I found out that filming was already in progress, with another runner, Matt from Louisiana. He was running up and down one of the trails. Michelle and I were told to just hang out and wait until they needed us, which turned out to be hours later. All this time Michelle and her hubby had to entertain the children, and luckily there was a nice play area for the kids to keep busy on.
Much later, she and I were ushered into the mobile office (aka Motorhome) to sign our contracts. We both had to laugh when we were asked if our payment should come to us or our Agents?  Agents? Really?  😉  After those details were taken care of,  we were fitted for our gear. Matt came back from his running segments and took a break while us girls got ready. When we were finally dressed and raring to go, all three of us lined up and were told to run together on the trail, with the boom-truck behind us doing the taping. There were at least 10 people on that truck, all with different jobs to do. It was really quite something to see and take part in. [ I will take a second to mention that the production company was from Hollywood, and have worked on many famous movies and shows. They were a blast to work with! ] I had to hold the reins back on Matt and Michelle for this segment as they are both really fast runners and I could not keep up for a long period of time. We ran up, we ran down, and even through a stream. So much for our new shoes we were wearing! It was still a blast although I was pretty winded at the end of it.
By the end of the day, it was nearly bedtime and we headed back to the hotel. We stayed at the W Midtown Hotel. Very ultra-modern and nice! It also had a spa, which I tried to get an appointment to, but they were busy every time I called.
Here’s the obligatory fancy white bathrobe picture!
Those were the highlights from Tuesday.
(Here’s the link:)  Next up: Day 3, in the country!
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