I am YOUR shoe

I am your shoe. I’m not just any old shoe, I’m a running shoe. I can come in many sizes, shapes and colors. My many names are Mizuno, Skechers, Saucony, Merrill, Nike, and many, many more. Sometimes I’m kept in my box in the closet. Sometimes I’m hiding under the bed, and your dog wants to chew on me. Other times, I might be in the back of your car, on the floor. Regardless, I  am your shoe.
Every day you go out the door, numerous times, and I sit here in anticipation of your return.When I hear your footsteps, I get all tingly inside and secretly hope that you will scoop me and my twin up in your arms and say “Lets go for a run”. But many times I am forgotten. I smell bad, and here I sit on the closet floor surrounded by strangers. (the non running shoes…they are a weird bunch!) You might look at me longingly, but then you take a pair of them instead and head out to dinner or to a movie, while I am stuck here pining away for the fresh air of the outdoors.
I cherish those times when you grab me, slip me on, tie me up nice and snug and we go out for a run. Yay!! I love the feel of the road under my feet. I love the lush softness of the forest that gets in my tread, and between my lugs. I don’t even mind when you occasionally step in dog poop.
On my many trips outside, I have seen many things. Nails, rocks, glass, needles, cans, bottles, paper, you name it, I’ve seen it. I really hate it when you step in gum though… it sticks to my bottom and is impossible to get rid of. Man, that really bugs me!  I do love to splash in the puddles, though I often hear you complaining as I get your legs and feet wet because I am made of a nice soft mesh material that lays so comfortably against your foot.

I am short or I can be tall. Sometimes my nose is higher than my backend, and other times it’s the other way around. I can come in a skinny or a fat version which humans call “narrow or wide”. (Sounds more politically correct I guess…)   I can be a “Mezamashii” shoe and give you your best, brilliant run ever, or I can be the soft comfy trainers you often use on an “easy run” day.
Some people take me out in the cold, and I have to run through this white stuff called snow. It gets in my nose and on my tongue and it is C-O-L-D! Depending on how deep the snow is, will depend on how long I get to enjoy the outdoors once again. Some humans even put stuff called “duckduct tape” over me to keep me warm and dry. I can’t say that I feel much like a “chick magnet” wearing that!

I do need to shower once in a while, so please keep that in mind. I will get overly stinky if not taken care of properly. My tongue can get all squished up and my laces will fray, which can be dangerous to my human.  It’s usually okay to put me in the washing machine, though I am prone to motion sickness if put on a high spin cycle. The dryer is not my friend.  I much prefer drying in the warm air of a fireplace or register vent on the floor. Heck, you can even flip me upside down. I don’t mind.
I will be your best friend. I will help you to run in a way that you have never run before. I can make you go fast, or float like a butterfly. I can make you dig deep inside your soul to run the farthest you have ever run before. I love you. I love what you do with me. I love how you look when you run and how you are taking care of your body and taking charge of your health. I am, after all, your shoe.

I am Mezamashii…


This article was originally posted by Louise Cunningham on Runnersramblings.com.

2 responses to “I am YOUR shoe”

  1. I LOVE today’s post! Very creative and insightful! I wish I could write like that.

  2. Jen says:

    LOVE this!