Recap Valentine Virtual for Crohns

Today I set out to run a virtual race to help raise money for Team Challenge, which is a fundraiser for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. My daughter’s life has been touched by this disease and thus raising money to find a cure is very dear to my heart.
Today was 41* out.. nice! (For a Maine winter anyway…) Blue sky, with hardly any wind. I set out to run a 5K, but decided I would do a 5miler instead. I havent been able to run my usual in-town route since last fall, so I have been anxious to go back there. The snow is pretty much gone from the sides of the roads, so it’s clear to run finally. We had 2 feet of snow last week, but a lot of it has melted so it is now safe to run as long as you watch out for icy spots.
I love to run with a purpose. Normally my running is just for me, just for fun, but today I was running to honor my daughter Catherine. I can’t say enough what a blessing she is to our family, as is my son Luke. I have been very lucky as a parent, that I have two loving, caring kids. It’s just so sad that Catherine has a daily struggle on her hands with the Crohn’s and the medication side effects. Cath is such a strong person… when she’s in the hospital and they have to take blood, or she has to undergo  numerous tests, she never bats an eye. She is so tough, much tougher than I am!
There wasn’t anyone home when I left for my run, so I stopped at a neighbor’s house afterwards and had him grab a picture of me. Here I am with his dog Sadie. 🙂  I hope to get her out on the roads for a couple of runs this summer.
What did I choose for gear? My hat was from RelaxReflect. Normally I wear that at night as it is highly reflective. Since it wasn’t too cold today, I didn’t need my fleece one I usually wear in the winter. My jacket I found on sale, it is a Columbia. It is a nice soft neoprene like material that is really warm. I wore a Mizuno thermo shirt underneath it, and those two layers were just right! For pants, I had a pair of tights from Asics, and my socks were from Mizuno. Shoes, the Saucony Kinvara 2’s. Those are my go-to shoes when it’s raining or messy outside. I love the cushion in them and the fact that they are only a 4mm drop shoe makes it nice for winter. Notice the Sweat Pink shoelaces girls!!!
All in all it was a great run. I am so looking forward to all the races I have lined up for this year. Last year was a transitional one, with just getting back into running after 25 years. This year I am ready to go-get-’em!
If you feel like you would want to donate a few dollars to help end Crohn’s and Colitis, “13.1 Going on Crazy”, and Melissa is raising funds for her part in Team Challenge for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.   Thank you in advance for you generosity!
Love to you all, 

2 responses to “Recap Valentine Virtual for Crohns”

  1. Cecilia says:

    Sweet tribute mama! Catherine is gorgeous and lucky to have such a thoughtful Mom!

  2. Amanda says:

    What a beautiful young lady she is! 🙂