Mezamashii by Moonlight

Recently I was contacted by a Mizuno Rep who liked the story I wrote about my parents. If you haven’t seen it, it’s the Mezamashii Memory Run. She had noticed that I was from Maine, and how it was beginning to get colder out and I didn’t have any winter running gear, as this is my first winter running outside. She offered to send me some gear with no strings attached. I have had contact with her since, and she was also the person that set me up for the Mizuno shoe giveaway. Much thanks to LoriAnn.  🙂

A big box arrived at my door, full of goodies.. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw that box!!! I laid everything out on the couch so I could get a picture. The swag included a Breath Thermo Shirt, Jacket, Gloves, Headband,Tights and Socks. The whole outfit. I can’t say enough about the Mizuno company. They definitely care about their runners. Their product line is amazing, and people at their customer service center are top notch. If you havent tried their shoes or apparel yet, you are really missing out on a good thing.
That very night it took me half an hour to get dressed to go out for a run.. hahaha. My husband actually came in the bedroom to see if I had gone to bed. I wanted to be sure that I had everything “just so” and would have another Mezamashii Run. I donned all the layers they had sent, with the exception of the headband, as it was dark out and I felt that at nighttime I would need just a bit more of reflective gear since I was going to be running on the main roads during 5pm traffic. I recently purchased a reflective hat from RelaxReflect that would take care of that issue. This is the hat I got and I love it! It is made of a wicking material, but still is warm enough for outdoor running in the winter. For those of you with ponytails, there is a small hole in the back for that purpose. (The Mizuno headband will be great this spring when it starts warming up. I hate to wear hats, and I would much rather wear a headband any day!) 
So back to the story… once I finally got all the layers in place, I headed out the door for my first ever night time run! I was a little nervous, but I had a reflective vest on, and my cool new hat, so the fact that I was totally dressed in black really didn’t bother me. I also was running against traffic, and in my hands I had a couple of small LED flashlights that I had picked up at the local dollar store. They are super bright and worked great!

What were my thoughts as I headed down the road? First of all, I LOVE running at night. The fact that you really don’t see that far ahead of you is a GOOD thing. I found that I wasn’t stressing over the hills or the distance in front of me. I was just running for the minute. I took time to enjoy the bright sky, the stars were so brilliant that night.. definitely a Mezamashii sky. I spoke to my parents as I ran. I let them know how much I love and miss them, especially now as we are heading into the first Christmas holiday without them. I did shed a few tears that night, but it was a healing sort of time for me.

Once I turned the corner and headed down into the village, the streets were a lot quieter and I focused on my run. I paid attention to my footing, in that I try hard to not heel strike when I run. I have been having issues with my neck lately, so the less jarring, the better. A forefoot/midfoot strike has much less impact going up through the body, so I do pay attention to my gait. It’s much easier to do this when wearing my Mizuno Wave Universe 4’s.. as they are minimal shoes, that allow you to “feel” the ground when you’re running. (Very flat, and very thin sole.)

This winter I am going to try and transition into a pair of Wave Ascend 7’s. These are a trail shoe with a rugged sole that should be good for running in the winter outside. Recently a neighbor of mine was given a pair through Mizuno, and she loves them. Not to be outdone, I got some for myself. 🙂

I was so blessed by the quietness of the night as I ran. The occasional car had no issue seeing me, and all moved over to the right when they saw me coming. I felt safe and secure running that night. It just felt “right”, if you know what I mean. I wasn’t cold at all. The Breath Thermo gear is amazing! On a 35* night, I was toasty warm with just the shirt and light jacket, and the tights. The only little bit of me that was cold were my butt-cheeks, hahaha… For some reason they always are cold when I’m outside. You would think with all the “excess” I have, that wouldn’t be possible! 😉  I will fix that by wearing my Aspaeris shorts underneath them. Problem solved! By the time I got home, my clothes were completely drenched, but I was still warm and not chilled at all. If you are looking for winter gear and aren’t sure what to wear, take the time to try out the Breath Thermo line. You wont be sorry.

I want to take the time to say thank you to Mizuno for giving me the opportunity to try their amazing product line. Again I have to say how much they listen to the running community and care about us, both for safety and for comfort. I have yet to find another company that goes out of the way like Mizuno does. 🙂

Here are a few pics post run:
The “cat burgler” look
Showing reflectiveness of my gear


The shirt- to see the real color see the swag picture above
The medium weight jacket (see pic above for color)
The tights-thermal and light fleece on the inside
New shoes!
My fave new hat!
The accessories
Since this is the week before Christmas, there are lots of sales going on as you know. I am a big fan of the online store, “The Clymb“. A lot of times you can’t beat their prices. I scored another Mizuno Breath Thermo med weight jacket/shirt in a brighter color, to make me more visible when running after dark.
Guess who my favorite gear is made by????
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7 responses to “Mezamashii by Moonlight”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice story. I can relate to using running time to reflect and heal. And I love that hat!

  2. That’s so fun that you got to try all of that gear. I really, really love trying new gear!

    That hat is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long while. I love it!

  3. Peter Larson says:

    Nice night run Weez, love the Ninja gear!

  4. Congrats on the Mizuno Swag, I know that I have been very impressed with my Mizuno shoes too. The gear looks amazing and you will be finestkind when out running in it this winter :-).

  5. Awesome! Mizuno really is phenomenal!!!

  6. Jen says:

    You are a fabulous Mizuno spokes woman!!! Love it and I love that you are enjoying your new gear!

  7. Mizuno is a wonderful company and I love their shoes!! What a great post!