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Please welcome Carin from Mommy Racing Diaries.  This girl has an amazing blog that is well worth the read. She comes from North Texas and calls herself a “wannabe supermom that kicks ass at racing, fitness, mommyhood and life in general!”  🙂
The Gift of Running
I’ve been running for almost 4 years now. I’ve run myself out of depression, through a marriage separation, kid issues, training almost constantly for races, through injuries, and even still through the fittest part of my life. Two things have remained constant throughout the many miles I have put out there on the pavement.
1. The passion for running never wanes.
2. Your mindset is everything.
The passion for running gives you the motivation and the drive to hit the pavement when you’re physically tired, mentally spent, the weather is gross or nasty hot, when you are not able to run for a little bit, you name it, that passion makes you put your shoes on and get out that door.
Your mindset gets you through the rest of the running. On the days where running (a.k.a. the endless training for a long, long race) becomes almost a chore, your mental toughness shows through. On the runs where you seriously feel if you run one more step you’ll fall over, your mental strength gets you through to the end. When the weather is unfavorable, your mental abilities get you through the length of the run.
How do I usually get myself through these tough runs? I tell myself how lucky and how amazing I am for getting that chance to run. There are so many that cannot run, period. They would do anything to feel the breeze coursing over their bodies and hear the sound of their footsteps on the pavement. Who cares if the run is routine? I take joy in looking at the stars of the pre-dawn sky or the lovely sunset as I run along the horizon. What about those runs where I feel like I’m going to die? I tell myself I’m a total bad-ass when I finish. When the weather is too hot (usually the conditions here in Texas) or rainy or nasty cold, again it’s another notch in the bad-ass belt for me.
The next time you’re feeling in a rut routine, take a step back (literal, if need be) breathe deep as you look at the surroundings and pull in the amazing surroundings and realize the gift you have…the gift of running.
Carin Schaab
Emerald Coach with Beachbody®
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