Fort Kent ME, Heritage Trail, 2012

Every summer I make a trip up to see my best friend, who lives in the town of Fort Kent. It is way up at the tip top of Maine. My first xray job was at the community hospital there, and that was where we met in 1983, and have been BFF’s ever since. Since it is a 3hr trip up there, I can’t go as often as I would like, but luckily we have that type of friendship that we can just pick right up where we left off as if it’s been only a week.
While I was up there, I needed to find a place to run. I was tempted to run the streets of town, but didn’t really want to deal with the traffic and all the driveways and cars. I really wanted to run the Heritage Trail, which is the old rail bed that passes through the town. I was a little nervous though, not knowing if any hunters or bozo’s were out in the woods. After much thought I decided I was going to do it.
Since I had my phone which had a camera, I just had to snap a few shots here and there. I was very impressed with the width of the trail. Quite a few ATV’s passed by me with plenty of room to spare. The path itself was a nice soft gravel/sand/dirt mixture, which felt great to run on in my Mizuno’s. I was really happy that I took those instead of my Kinvara’s, only because it gave me the feel of almost running barefoot. I was tempted to run with naked feet, but didn’t want to chance an injury or a cut being out in the woods alone.
The colors of autumn haven’t really shown yet. But can you imagine running this trail with all the brilliant colors of oranges, yellows and reds, all around you? Spectacular for sure! I will definitely be running this again the next time I head up to visit my BFF.
Along the way I could see the houses in town. I was trying to get a picture of my two apartment buildings that I lived in, but the trees were obstructing the view. I did manage to snag a picture of another country though. When you cross the river from Fort Kent, you end up in Claire New Brunswick Canada~! So if you look carefully, you can see the bridge and Canada on the other side of the river.
Along the trail were numerous advertisements, which I thought was a really good idea.. seeing how all four seasons you will find people out on it, whether running, skiing, 4wheeling, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or just walking.
The trail also goes by the local “Lonesome Pine Trails” ski area. It’s not a big mountain by any means, but the locals love and treasure it. The kids start to ski when really little up there. Might as well since they have their own mountain to learn on!
Lastly at the end of the trail where I was getting off, was the town swimming pool. If it had been a warmer day, I would have gone right in for a dip, sweaty running clothes and all. They didn’t have this when I lived up there though. 🙁
After lunch my friend, myself and my daughter took a ride into the woods to see where her brother is building his man-cave to hang out in. He’s basically doing this cabin by himself, a little at a time, as a project. Many, many acres of untouched forest, in a beautiful area overlooking the river.  I took a picture of one of the views he will get to enjoy…. Next summer when I go up I will be able to post a lot more.
I did manage to snag a picture of my friends, he was showing his sister how the cliff drops off there, straight down, right beside the tree that is named Hercules after their father.  You can start to see the colors of the leaves changing.
The next morning my daughter and I had to head back home. I stopped along the way to snag a picture of Mount Katahdin. I still amaze myself when I realize I have climbed to the peak of that mountain 3 times. Maybe when I get skinny enough, I could attempt it again.. who knows!
Another successful trip to Northern Maine. 🙂
Love to y’all…

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