Who’s the caboose of this train anyway?

I have a cat, whose name is Snowball, she’s around 17 years old. The pups are constantly after her, and it drives her nuts. She’s always trying to get away from them, and lets them know who’s boss when she needs to!

Since it was too hot yesterday to go for a run after work, I decided to take the pups out for a very quick walk around the block. Didn’t want them to get overheated so I wasn’t going to take them far.
Once again as I set off around the block with the dogs, snowball tags along. She keeps up with us pretty well for an old girl, and she comes when I call her if she gets too far behind. The neighbors love to stand outside and laugh at the little train of animals (myself included…) going by. I guess they’ve never seen a cat like to walk with the dogs. Back when I had 3 cats in the house, and our service dog Bailey, all 3 of the cats would come walk Bailey with me, THAT was funny! I love my cat and she is advancing in years, but still has alot of spunk in her. Hopefully when I’m in my 80’s I will too!
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