Up with the birds

The last couple days have seen an increase in temperature and humidity here in Maine. Yesterday when I got out of work, and got in the car, this was the temp reading…  Suffice it to say I didn’t go running last night.

But…when I got home I was so excited to see that my new running shoes came! I was contacted by Mizuno on Monday that I was chosen to receive a new pair of running shoes of my choice. I am to try them out and blog about them afterwards. I never expected them to come so quickly! Kudos to Mizuno for being so prompt and efficient.
I had my choice of shoes up to $150.00. I went through the website, and the exact ones I wanted, weren’t offered, as they were last years model. So…. I looked around some more and had a hard time deciding what to get. I finally settled on a pair in the Neutral category. Since I am a minimalist runner, (meaning I like flat shoes with no difference between heel and toe height), I felt that I should stick with what I am used to. I chose the Mizuno Wave Universe 4. The purple/neon green combination rocks!
Because of it being so hot yesterday, I decided to go out early this morning. So I was up with the birds at 5am to head out. Hubs got up and took a picture of me in my new shoes, AND my new Tough Chik Jersey. Sorry that I don’t look very awake in this photo, it was 5am after all! I actually have a very hard time going out without having taken a shower and put on makeup, but since I was just going to get all sweaty and gross anyways…
I set out to do 6 miles. But I ended up doing only 2. Nothing was wrong, just the humidity made the air so oppressive it really was hard to get motivated this morning. I wanted to run a bit in those new shoes, so 2 miles for the first time was fine with me. The humidity is supposed to break tomorrow, so I will do my regular 4mile route in them then. Once I get at least 20 miles on them, I will come back with my comments. So far so good though.. they are light as a feather! I kinda like the lightning bolts too. 🙂  Makes me feel faster… hahaha.. oh and I must mention that I WAS faster too, doing an 11 min mile instead of my usual 12.
Made it back, safe and sound, and my BFF Snowball was waiting on the porch for me. I have to watch when I go out running that she doesn’t try to follow me, as she often does.
Have a great weekend!
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2 responses to “Up with the birds”

  1. Jen says:

    Those shoes are the best looking ever! I want a pair sooooo badly! Great job getting up early to get in your run!

  2. Tami says:

    ooo- I want to know how you managed to land that one! I just bought a pair of mizuno (normally use New Balance) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!