Dr Doolittle in disguise?

First of all, its the weekend! Happy Saturday~! I hope that all of you will have a safe and wonderful weekend. The weather in Maine is gorgeous! Enjoy it! 
This morning I got up at 5am with the pups and got ready to go do my 6 miler that I had planned. Yes I was very excited about this run. The plan was that hubster was going to drop me off 6 miles from home. I thought to myself how quiet it will be, and running by the university I am apt to see some deer in the fields, Sooooo, I took my camera, hoping that I could “Talk to the Animals” like Dr Doolittle. We took off around 6, and headed to Old Town. We drove by the University fields, and no deer. I was bummed. I took the camera out of my pocket of my running skirt and put it in the car.  
I got dropped off, and it took me just a min to get my phone all set. Turn on the music, turn on MapMyRun, shut off screen, stuff in BondiBand armband, and away I go. I bet I didn’t take 20 steps before a young deer walked right across the road in front of me! I stopped in my tracks, hoping to get my phone out, but by the time I did, he was across the street watching me from behind a tree. 🙁  Lesson learned.. TAKE THE CAMERA!!!
I got going again, and keep running along, enjoying the music in my left ear, and the birds singing in the right. When I reached the University fields, there they were. Two of them, mocking me for not bringing my camera. I got a few pics with the phone, but my hands were shaky so they aren’t the best.

I was so excited to see the deer that I totally lost my focus! I had to really dig deep to get my mind back on track. I’d say that after about half a mile, I was there, in the zone again. Made it 2.5 miles down the road when all of a sudden I needed to go to the bathroom. Realizing that there wasn’t one anywhere around, I called dearest husband to come get me. I felt bad that he had to come all the way back out to get me, but he didn’t seem to mind. Just lectured me about “going” before I go running!
Got home, took care of business and set back out. I still needed to get in 4 good miles. I was already fully sweat soaked, but I didn’t care. I was determined to do this. I picked a route that would take me up the main road, then down again by the power station (see previous post), and though the village. Once again I realized why running in the morning is probably not the best option for me. Neighbors and friends. I’m not somebody that can just run by and not say hello, so a couple of times I stopped to have a quick chat with friends. 
Got back on track again, and the next distraction were these gorgeous flowers growing beside the road. It reminded me of how much my mom used to love her hanging flower pots on the porch. So in her memory, I had to stop (once again) and get a few pics. 

Off I go again. Wondering what the next distraction would be. Turned a corner and saw this. The river was so smooth and beautiful. I wanted to wander to the riverside, but it was someone’s lawn and it was posted NO TRESPASSING.  Oh well, C’est la vie.
That was the last time I stopped to oogle over stuff. I got my mind on track and finished up my run. My total today ended up being 6.5 miles, the longest run ever. In the back of my mind I have still battled with the thoughts of “not being a true runner” because I have to often stop and walk. Sometimes its because I’m breathing too fast and can’t get it under control, or I have to just give my ankle a break. Today though, I definitely feel like I  earned my title of “runner”, even though I did stop to smell the flowers on the way. My ankle is pretty swollen and sore, so I can’t say that I will do another run this long till maybe next weekend. I can’t take a chance on another injury. 
I had to drive North to meet my cousin and do an errand. It was an hour each way. I love a nice warm sunny day when I can open the car roof, turn up the tunes, and put the cruise on and goooooo….. Gives me some quiet time much like when I’m running. When I got back to town, I had to stop at the bank, so I ran in to make a deposit. Then hubster wanted me to go to the grocery store, so I “park’d the cah”(downeast accent) and got what I needed. When I came out, I noticed something brown quietly laying in the shade under my car. I had my sunglasses on, and thought it was a cat. But when I got closer, it was the cutest little rodent groundhog! He was just chillin’ there under my car. I hated to disturb him, but couldn’t miss a chance at a photo-op! He decided to move just as I got close enough to get a picture. Of course. 
Well enough of this Runner’s Ramblings for today. Hope y’all have a great weekend!
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  1. Jen says:

    Sounds like you had a great run!!!! Congrats on getting it done. 🙂