The Cow Whisperer? Not!

Late this morning, dearest hubby asked me if I was going to go running.. its was already 88* out and I dreaded the thought of it. But, after a few minutes I decided that maybe this would be a good time to go explore the trails at the local University. I have wanted to do that for a while now, but am not crazy about walking around in the Maine woods alone.

We laced up our sneaks, and off we went. Sorry to say that I didn’t take any pictures. Husband was on a tear with his walking, and I didn’t want to have to run to catch up to him. The flies weren’t too bad and the shade was nice. We trodded along, I was lost the whole time.. hahaha. Hubs knew where we were going so I trusted him, even though a couple of times I threw a little hissy fit behind him where he couldn’t see or hear me! 

2.25 miles later, It was lunch time. I ordered food to go from a local family dining establishment restaurant, and we headed home. That was when husband says, “want me to drop you off?”  ugh.. yeh.. like I really wanted to RUN Home in the 91* heat out, but I figured I might as well get it over with.
I had him drop me off 5K’s from the house, so that I can do my Virtual Wounded Warrior Dash 5K for today. IT WAS HOT!!! I would run for awhile, then get the chills, so I’d stop and walk, drink a little H2O and start off again. I picked a route that was just right, not too hilly and not too much traffic for a sunday. It was cool to run over the Interstate and watch the cars buzzing by below me.
As I was going by the local cow pasture, I noticed that all the cows started running towards me, as I was running alongside the road. Maybe it was my neon pink shirt? Or they saw my neon green waterbottle? Maybe I smelled really good??? I started trying to MOOOO to them, but it was sounding more like a duck  lol.  I asked several of the bessies to stand still so that I could take their picture, and they just kept on trucking right by me. What was the big attraction on the other side of the field? I would have thought they would have wanted to stop and moo with me for a bit. Guess not! Their loss!

I finally made it home, and was totally drenched. It’s amazing how good a shower feels after a hot run!
Have a great week all!
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One response to “The Cow Whisperer? Not!”

  1. Jen says:

    You braved the heat and did it! Great job. I love mooing at the cows when I run by – although I don’t run on my road anymore 🙁 I was so gross when I came home from my run this morning, the husband told me to shower right away!