Todays run… meh….

Due to the funeral for my dad this past weekend, I didn’t get any running in since friday morning. It bugged me all weekend, but with everything going on, I just couldn’t go. This morning I dragged myself out, intending to go on at least a 3 miler. What did I accomplish? Only 1.55 miles.
I just didn’t have it in me to keep going. I have learned that I do better when I keep a regular schedule. I suppose that the mental exhaustion of this weekend probably contributed to todays run being a disaster. I’m ok with that for now. Even if it rains tomorrow though, I will be back at it. 
Todays stats were 1.55mi in 19:55, 12:50 pace. At least it was under 13mins. 
On a good note, I got a new running shirt in the mail from my friend Jess at   I think my new shopping obsession is running apparel~! Can’t have too much of it! Every color, every style.. gotta have it! lol

Love from Maine, 

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4 responses to “Todays run… meh….”

  1. Sandra says:

    oh dear! i’m so sorry! glad u got out for a little run – great pace! u will get back into it. just take care of your self!

  2. 2892rc says:

    Weez, You did better than me… I slept most of the day and I’m already looking forward to bed!

    Love Ya