Race Recap: Belgrade 5K 2012

Yesterday was my first official 5K. It was a run to raise funds for the Belgrade Public Library. It’s a beautiful little town surrounded by lakes. Just gorgeous! It is a yearly event, so I’ll be back there next year.

The days started off with getting ready and taking off at 6:30 am. By the time I gassed up the “cah” and hit Dunkin Donuts, I didn’t arrive there before 8am. Got my race packet and shirt, and I had bib #12. My sister arrived shortly after I did. She comes along to be my race groupie. (I think she comes just in case I pass out on the course! lol) As I wandered around and people started to arrive, I definitely felt overdressed.. as in I felt like I had a prom gown on, and the rest were in jeans. I am still getting used to wearing the bright neon colors that I love so much. Plus I was sporting my new running skirt, which got a lot of looks and a few positive compliments. I got the impression that most people hadn’t seen a girl running in a skirt and capris. This is Maine after all… hahaha. 
I wandered around and talked with people. Everyone was so friendly. I did notice that the elder crowd was a bit more chatty than the people younger than me. I had a chance to talk with men and women alike, felt really comfortable there. Soon 9am arrived and we were all lined up for the start. I positioned myself near the back, but I didn’t know who was running and who was walking. Everyone takes off at the same time. 
I started off ok. Had to fiddle around a bit with my earbuds, as they keep falling out unless I get them situated just right. Once I had that squared away, I tried to find someone that I thought was running about the same pace as I was, so that I could feel like I was running with someone.  The race is definitely not a very challenging one, which I why I specifically picked this one for my first official 5K. There was a part where we had to run up Minot hill, and then turn around and head in a different direction. The lady at the turn around was very encouraging, as was all the route people stationed along the way. I wasn’t having a good time though. My legs felt like lead, no matter what I did. I tried slowing down and walking to see if that would help, and it didn’t. At that point I think I gave up the hope of running (not walking) the rest of the race. Sad, yes. I even tried to visualize my friend Sharon running beside me, encouraging me, but that only helped for a short while.
When I reached the half way point, the spotter told me I was running a 13 min mile, which surprised me with all the start and stop running I had done. I then figured that I could do this, so I kept repeating “I CAN do this” in my mind”.
When I got to the 3/4 mark, I knew my sister was going to be there with my camera. At that point I didn’t give a hoot. The last thing I wanted was to have my picture taken. I kept an eye on that lady in the green shirt. I knew that if I stayed within eyesight of her, I would be ahead of the ladies that were behind me, and I was determined to not come in last. (not that that is a bad thing.. just would have devastated me.)
This next pic is where I was having an attitude. hahaha
I kept asking myself, WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF?!!  Yet, I kept on. A man along the way told me that I just had to turn the upcoming corner and I’d be at the finish line. He forgot to mention there was another small hill though. Ugh! 

I did make it up that hill though, and when I saw the finish line there was no stopping at that point. I was going to pick up the pace and finish strong.  What I didn’t count on was a photographer snapping pictures just before the finish. Note to self:  SMILE next time.. geeeeesh I look like I’m a wild eyed demon possessed crazy lady. Actually I am sprinting all out at this time, and it was hard, but I did it. The crowd was clapping and cheering, and it felt good! GREAT!!

At last I crossed the finish!
I hung around for awhile afterwards and talked to some more people. That was when I realized that one of my father’s friends was there running with his wife.. Senator Peter Mills. 
Looking back on this race, brings me happy memories. I will definitely run this race again next year! In the overall standings, I placed 76th out of 87. My time was 40:58, which gave me a pace of 13:13 min/mile.  A PR!  (personal record)  

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  1. Jen says:

    Congratulations!!!!! Love your skirt. I like the determined look you have going on – game face!