Milestone tomorrow…

Tomorrow is another big day for me! I will be running my first “official” race in 32 years. It’s a 5K in the lovely town of Belgrade, to raise funds for the public library. I am very excited about this and I hope to have a decent pace time.  I’ve been shopping online all week, looking at all the running skirts that are out there to buy. I’m not really sure if I would look ok in one or not, and since they are kind of expensive, I figured I would make myself one instead. I love to sew, and it would be easy. 

Instead of spending money on fabric, I just went to the goodwill store in our city and bought a few items. This is the first that I picked up, its a nice soft jersey fabric. I love the print! Sorry about the poor picture, I was having issues getting my camera to co-operate.
Right away when I saw how the patterned part was all glittery and shiny, 
I knew this was the one to be my first try. 
Here is the before/after photo. I love how it shines. We will see how it functions in tomorrows 5K. If it doesn’t work well, I will probably pull it up over my boobs “girls” until the finish line.. hahahaha! Don’t you think it would be a cute tube top?  (not really)

Time for bed! Early day tomorrow  woohoo! 
Girls, please comment on what you think.. should I wear it or not???

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One response to “Milestone tomorrow…”

  1. Jen says:

    Awfully creative!!! I hope it works out for you. Best of luck for your run!