Morning person? NOT!

This morning I wanted to get in a run before we leave for NH for the weekend. Now I am NOT a morning runner. I would much rather run later in the day, but I managed to talk myself into going anyway. It was drizzling out, and I couldn’t find my mitts, so my hands froze the whole way.

I decided to run a different route altogether since I only have two weekends left before my next event. The other day I clocked a miles distance on a side road in our town and thought I would tackle that one. I asked husband to take me to the route, and drop me off, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to hop in the car at any point.

The one thing that I didn’t plan on was the non stop incline of the first 3/4ths of the mile! I guess I never really paid attention to it in the car. Since I didnt stretch before taking off, I just went slow and took my time. It seems that I have the tendancy to hyperventilate when I’m running. So when I feel I can’t get my breathing under control, I stop and take a drink, take some deep breaths and start up again. That really seems to help.

I ran from the corner (point A)  to the town limit sign (point B) and turned around. Loved how most of the way back was downhill. Luckily there are no cows in the pasture that I run by, so I didn’t have to worry about the manure smell.. haha. When I reached the 2 mile mark, I was still a ways from home, so I walked a little and kept going. I ended up with a 3.06 run. That is the farthest run I have had since highschool. I am quite proud!

My ankle is sore, but nothing major. I did wear my new Kinvara’s for this run. I love how I can feel the ground enough to make sure that I am not heel striking. And they have just the slightest bit of cushion, which is a big plus. For now I have been wearing compression socks when I run, just to help make sure the shin splints stay away, and it keeps the ankle swelling down also. I guess once a person has had something surgically repaired, they should keep in mind that it will never be 100% “normal” afterwards.  I have finally gotten used to that mentally and am careful to pay attention to the amount and duration of pain.                             Oh! And I have to mention I went and ordered these!!!

Do you have pain after you run? 

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3 responses to “Morning person? NOT!”

  1. Jen says:

    Congrats on your run! I did a similar step down when I went minimal. It seemed to work well. Hope everything continues to go well for you!

  2. Thanks! I am so amazed that I am actually doing this again after all those years of being so heavy. This is a dream come true!!!

  3. Awesome sauce…love the shoes…and I’m thinking an ankle sleeve is a great idea…great run girl…good job!