Thoughts on running

I have been gradually increasing my length of run each week. Yesterday I did .57 mi in distance in 8:31min. I am not worrying about time at this point, just trying to build myself up to 2 miles. I’m getting there! I definitely am a fair weather runner though..  hahaha… it was 38* when I was running and it was hard!

I spent some time talking with my podiatrist/ankle surgeon. I went to see him to discuss the issues I am having when wearing the orthotics he made for me after my surgery. When I wear them, I get serious leg pain. If I dont, and just go with my Asics, I have no problem. I also took my Vibram Fivefinger’s in to show him and get his take on them. We discussed the cons of my running, but he didn’t tell me not to. His advice is to take it slow, and increase slowly, being careful to not stress the ankle.  Pretty much what I thought he would say. It was good to see him and confirm what I had been thinking and I was pleased that he said I could run without the orthotics. 🙂  

I have about a month and a half before the Crohns walk in Portland. I am still planning on running that. After that, I will continue to train to build up to 3.2 miles. A 5K is in my future!

Date: 03/21/2012 6 PM
Type: Run (Training run)
Distance: 0.2 miles
Time: 0 hr 08 min 06 secs 
Average pace: 40:30 min/miles
Route: block run
Shoes: aesics GEL GT-2150
Calories: 66
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