Stepping out of my (shoe) box

This post is about shoes. Yes, shoes. Maybe you know that I love shoes! I’m always scouring the web to see what I can find, that is new and different, and comfy. I have always been intrigued by the Vibram5Finger toe shoes for running. I do admit they are a bit goofy looking, and some of them make me think of monkey feet, but in all, I think they are really cool! A friend of mine recently showed me hers, she has these, which are totally stylish and PINK! Even better!

Vibram FiveFingers  Bikila

She is getting ready to do the Komen 3 Day Race for the Cure in Philly. She will no doubt be the best dressed woman there!  After I saw her shoes, I kept them in the back of my mind, and every now and then I would search the web for them.  Last night I stepped out of my comfort box and ordered a pair! Not to make J feel like I was copying her in buying the same Pink ones, that i adore, I ordered a different pair. 
These are called the:  
Vibram FiveFingers Speed

As partial as I am to anything pink, I also have a fetish for black and white. When I saw these I instantly feel in love with them! This pair is not really a pair for running, they are more for gym exercising or casual wear. I really don’t know that I could ever wear a pair of Vibrams for running anyway, as I don’t dare re-injure my ankle. But, for the occasional day to wear out with jeans, I think these are so cool. Will be interesting to see the comments and questions I will get when wearing them!  I will certainly post here once i get them and try them out.  Postman, hurry up and bring them! 

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2 responses to “Stepping out of my (shoe) box”

  1. Thanks for the note. I dont plan on wearing these for any type of walking or running, they are just an occasional shoe for fun, a few hours at a time. I wouldn’t ever want to risk damaging my ankle again. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Before You Begin: If you’re overweight, or have nerve damage, diabetes or any serious orthopedic issue, you need a more supportive shoe—minimal shoes aren’t made for everyone.

    There are tons of information on this, do not want to further injury your self.