Product Review: The Grid Foam Roller

When I was searching the VitaCost website and looking at all the products, I wanted to find something that runners could identify with… and of course the thought “foam roller” came into my mind. The love/hate relationship that we have with these is kind of funny really. Non runners reading this will wonder what the heck I am talking about. The foam roller is a tool to roll under muscles to relieve strain or tension after a workout or as therapy. It happened that the day mine arrived I had a sore hip from running on the treadmill. I got on the floor and rolled over the “Grid” a couple times, and yes it hurt! A lot! But after it was over, I felt better, and the next morning it was back to normal. I like this roller because of the knobbiness of the surface. It kind of feels like fingers, and helps to stimulate the blood flow. 
Here’s the product information directly from the website:

The Grid Foam Roller:   A “green” technology foam roller with a revolutionary design.

• Unique design with different density zones allows for more targeted massages.
• Designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down.
• Great for massaging all body parts as well as for a comprehensive core workout.

• Measures 13″ long x 5″ in diameter.


Right now VitaCost has these for $32.19 vs the full price of $39.99 on the product’s website. You can’t go wrong with that! So here’s the scoop.. Vitacost has the best prices around that I can see.  Definitely worth looking at.

Go here to take a peek at this product: THE GRID Foam Roller

Pssst… Vitacost even has a page full of discounts and coupon offers! Yay!
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