Product Review: Govivo Running Belt

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Have you ever found yourself out running or cycling and wishing you had just a little more room to have brought either your phone, or a few more gels, or an extra packet of drink powder or tablets? I often find myself out on a trail and by the time I have filled up my belt with either my car keys, and my phone, there might not be much room to bring any extras.  This product might just fix that issue for many!



I know there are a whole bunch of products out there, just like this one that claim to do the same thing, “hold stuff”. And yes, this does that too. But this belt is a little bit more. Let me explain further. It has two large pockets. I know that it doesn’t look that way in the picture, but once you unzip the two areas, there is tons of room in there for all the things you might want or a run, bike-ride, or walk even. I can totally fit my Iphone, keys, cash, a packet of my favorite drink powder, some gels, candy, etc…. plenty of room in there. Take a look at the pockets themselves. I was able to fit my fit my hand into them.

govivo running belt


Does it do the job it proclaims to do? Yes. This belt, is extremely well made, and looks to be very durable. The fabric is much thicker than you would normally see on a belt, and have some stretch to it. It is water resistant, but I always put my phone in a baggie when it’s cloudy out, just in case. The stitching is well done, as are the zippers, and they actually come in multiple colors. Here are a couple more photos of the belt, and I lightened up the color to show the fabric construction a bit more.

belt4 belt3

What do I like about this product?  The fabric is awesome, and isn’t going to fall apart very easily. I love how you can stuff it full of things if necessary. I love the option that you can choose the zipper color that you want and that it is resizable. Being a little larger than most runners/cyclists, I have to look at sizing when I buy items. There is no problem with this item!

Would I wear this running?  I might. I am used to a more scaled down version of a belt, with no zippers, only because I am self conscious about my abdomen and how big it looks. I feel like I would look like I had a chipmunk cheek belly with that on. But… I definitely would wear this when I am out cycling! The belts that I choose to wear running, I wear under my clothing so they don’t show my tummy more.  This, I would wear on the outside, so that I could hear my phone ringing, or be able to reach down and grab something out of it without having to stop my bike. It would be awesome for riding! I can’t stress that enough.

Any concerns about this product? The only thing is the large size of the buckle. I don’t feel a runner could pull this off against bare skin. It could cause some major chafing. But over a shirt, it would be fine. It definitely isn’t going to slide or move around at all.



Would I buy this product? Probably. I prefer this for riding my bike and my ElliptiGO since it gives easy access to my items. It is currently for sale for $12-$14 on Amazon at this link:  govivo running belt.


Tech Specs:

  • Fits phones like iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One and more.
  • Reinforced zipper that withstands intensive use, heavy-duty buckle, and strong elastic waistband.
  • Fits waist sizes 28 to 48 allowing more than one person in the household to use it.
  • Water Resistant