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Maine Lobstah Virtual Run 2012

NOTE: The Maine Lobstah Run registration is now closed and all the medals have been given out. However, if you find it in your heart to help someone in need of a surgery,
Please donate below or send PayPal to pacsduchess @ roadrunner  .com 

Welcome to the home of the Maine Lobstah Run, 2012.  For those of you who have never heard of a "Virtual Run", it's pretty simple. Find a place to run or walk, inside or outside, and decide on your distance. The options for this race are a 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon 13.1miles. You can do any or all of them! Run or walk at your convenience, without the stress of getting to a race and waiting around for it to start. Do it on a day when the weather is nice and just get out there and enjoy yourself! 

This year, the funds for this race will go to a very dear friend of mine who had a devastating knee injury and after 3 surgeries, still doesn't have full use of his leg. Physical therapy didn't work, surgery didn't work, and now it's 3 years later and he's faced with another surgery to try and basically make him a "new knee". He hasn't been able to work since this all started, as his knee is not stable. No job means no health insurance, and you can imagine how quickly the medical bills can pile up. Tony is a wonderful person with a heart of gold, always smiling and willing to help others, so this is the least that I can do to try and help him fund his next surgery. He needs a fairly large amount to have as a cash downpayment before the hospital will do the surgery. Thus, I am here asking for your help. If you would like to read more, there is an official page that has been set up. It has his story there with more details for you to read. 

Tony L. 

When is the race? Anytime during the months of October and November. Since the funds are for a medical procedure, time is of the essence but I will keep it open long enough for people to save up to take part if needed. 

Pepper Boudreau sporting her medal after her 5K run!

So are you ready to race for a good cause? You will need to register, and to reward you for donating, I will have a finisher's medal to send to you! You can hang it up and proudly display your bling knowing that you helped someone in need. :)  Here is what your medal will look like, and Tony was happy to pose with it for you!

Click on the button below to register via paypal. The cost of the race is $25.00. I am going to try and keep costs down on my end, so that the majority  ALL of your registration fee will get to Tony. If you feel you can donate a little more, please feel free to send an additional $5.00 to help defray the costs of shipping and the cost of the medals. When you register on paypal, put in the word RACE and the mailing address that you would like the medal sent  to, as well as your email address so I can contact you if needed.  

If you don't have a PayPal account and need a different form of payment, contact me at weez(at)dreamingfullcircle.com  Please put  FUND FOR TONY  in the subject line.  

NOTE: For anyone having issues with the PayPal Donate button not working, you can send your payment to: pacsduchess   @   roadrunner  . com       Thanks!

Thank you so much!

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