Product Review: Winter Running Gear by 180s

One of my most favorite companies is 180s. They are a small company, but have fantastic products and I have been fortunate to be one of their ambassadors. Every now and then they come out with some new products that I get to test, review and share with you. These are what I have obtained from them thus far this winter.
I could hardly contain my excitement when the box arrived with these goodies in it! Gotta love presents in the mail! 😉
First lets talk about the  STROBEANIE
This is a wicking running hat with LED lights and reflectivity built-in. It’s warm and fits snugly, but not too tight. Just right for running in the cold. As of right now, this item comes only in black and unisex sizing. If you have a huge head, it might run small on you, but average sized people won’t have any issues.

Here are a couple of pictures:

As you can see there is plenty of reflective material on this hat.
It also has a great shape and looks good also.
Next, here is the LED section in the back. As with most LED lighting, you have a constant lightsource vs a flashing one to get attention. The color is red.
If you are wondering about the battery pack it’s very small and well tucked into
the brim of the hat. The source is Replaceable CR2016 batteries.  I pulled the wiring out just a little to demonstrate how it fits in there. Very small, and you don’t feel it when you are wearing the hat. You just hit the button on the battery pack and it activates the light. The button sits pretty close to the emblem on the right side of the picture above.
Will I wear this hat? You bet! I run at night, on very busy roads that have no sidewalks. I worry about people who don’t pay attention to runners and walkers on the sides of the road. This hat will definitely help to make me more visible to those drivers.
Next up is the STROBE LED Ear Warmer
For those of you who don’t like to wear hats all the time, this is for you! You can actually wear this and it won’t mess up your hair, which I really like.  It is comfortable, and compact, and sleek-looking.
The LEDs light up much like in the STROBEANIE above. Same type of concept, same batteries. The ear warmers offer reflectivity on each ear, and they are generously padded on each side.
The only comments I have about this, is that it just doesn’t seem to fit my head well. I find that it slips down and doesn’t stay on my ears like it should. It may be just me, but if I was to wear it running, I don’t think it would stay in place. However, I do often walk at night, and don’t care to wear a hat. This will be my go-to device for those times!
These are the super-cool FOUNDATION LED Gloves  What I love about these gloves is that the placement of the LED lights, allows me to run without having to hold flashlights, like I normally do. The placement of the LED’s is perfect for running at night. Again, you get the same compact battery pack hidden in the glove, and have the option of constant vs flashing lights. The battery sits in the wristband and won’t fall out. I ordered the size Large, and I have large hands for a woman. They are definitely snug. I could easily have ordered an XL and put a thin pair of stretchy knit gloves inside.
These gloves are Touch Screen friendly, though I have not tried that out yet.
One thing that I do think is important when running in the winter is to have your neck covered. Even if I have my jacket open in the front for ventilation, I find that my face, especially my chin, is always cold. I can’t stand when my chin gets really cold, so I like to have something that I can tuck it into now and then to warm it up. The SHIVER totally fits the bill. I ordered the pink as that is one color I go to often. I don’t always want to run in the traditional black and red of my team colors… I am too much of a girlie-girl at times.  I wish they had one in white, as I think it would be a fantastic add to my collection!  This neck gaiter is extremely soft, and is anatomically shaped to fit the back of the neck and drop down a little in the front.  Below are pictures of some of the different ways you can wear this. I think this is the most versatile gaiter I have yet! It will be a staple for my winter running.
(gotta love photoshop for trying out new haircolor) 😉
Last I have to mention my favorite winter jacket. I was sent this last winter, and I have worn it many, many times, both running and casually. It is warm, without being too hot. Even on some of the coldest Maine winter days, I can wear a long sleeve tech shirt underneath and be plenty warm without overheating. A good friend of mine has this jacket also, and she wears hers most of the time also. I can’t say enough about the QUANTUM HEAT EQUALIZE Training Jacket.  I reviewed this jacket last winter, and its amazing!
If you have any questions regarding any of these products, feel free to contact me!