Passion: the Heart of a Runner

I think it is common knowledge that many of you are very focused runners, and pay very strict attention to your times, and races etc… and for good reason. There is a lot to gain personally by pushing one’s self to be their absolute best at something, and we all know what the feeling of “winning” at something is like, whether it’s a race or just overcoming an obstacle in everyday life. It’s the feeling of knowing that you are prepared, mentally and physically, and will be going out to run the race with 100% of yourself devoted to the task at hand. I kind of think of these runners as “robot runners”.  Always out to perform at a very focused level, not straying from the task ahead. But what fuels this type of runner? I’m not talking about food or drink, but passion for the sport.

Runners have passion both on and off the roads.

I challenge these focused runners to take a day here and there and really think about what drove you to be a runner in the first place. Was it watching it on TV, or seeing other people out there on the street doing it? Friends on the track team at school? A parent, friend, teacher or coach? I’m sure there are lots of reasons that people can list. Most of us probably were running in our younger, school days, and may or may not have kept it up. Again, I challenge you to think deep inside yourself and make a list of what drives your running passion. This is good to do when you find yourself second guessing about your readiness for an upcoming race. Go back to the beginning and just run through your life’s history of running. Think about the ups and the downs, and how you have learned from the mistakes and pushed forward. Self reflection is a great tool to use in all aspects of life.

Passion. It’s a word that has many different meanings, but for this blogs purpose it is defined as:

a : ardent affection : love

 b : a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

When I think about the passion that I have for running, my mind often goes back to Mizuno’s “Mezamashii”. A brilliant run. A run that tops everything. An eye-opening, awakening run. A run that comes from deep in your core and makes you feel inspired, hopeful, and fulfilled. Going Mezamashii means giving yourself totally to the run. Allowing your mind to either float or focus on the task at hand. I love that floating feeling, being totally involved in what you are doing, but letting your mind float as you go along. Some of the other brands have their thoughts too, from Nike’s “Just do it” to Skechers “Run like Meb” and “Have a fast day”.  All boosting the fact that you give of yourself 100% when running a race.

I have found that running fills a need inside me for a couple of things… first the “Camaraderie” that I have missed since my high school days, and second it fills that “Challenge” void that sits there and constantly pushes me to better myself as a person. When I am running I often get caught up in my surroundings, in a good way. I am a very detail oriented person. Many times I have been running along and spied a beautiful flower, or a butterfly that I hadn’t seen before, and I just had to stop and grab a picture and admire it. I realize that for other people, Mezamashii may be all about the ability to lose one’s self in the perfection of the run. The feeling of going as fast as you can, or as far as you can. Setting a goal and meeting it has to be one of the best feelings ever.

Lose yourself in the run, find your passion.

Sure there are times when my runs are terrible, and I feel disappointed in myself. Does that stop me from going back out on another day and trying again? Nope. We all have good runs and bad ones, and the bad ones are the ones that fuel our fire to become better runners as a whole. I welcome those challenges. Remember to keep the passion of running alive, no matter what.

Once a runner, always a runner.

So I ask, what fuels your passion for running? I would love to know… Please share!

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