Product Review: Red Fox Sports Bike Bag

I do a fair amount of biking when I am not running. I am always fumbling around with trying to get my phone out of the pocket on the back of my bike jersey. I am not the steadiest person on the planet riding a bike, so removing a hand from the handlebars is a little scarey to me. I really would prefer to have it handy somewhere in front and easy to grab if needed. Red Fox Sports has come out with a fantastic product that has enough room for all my “stuff” I carry when biking! #redfoxsports

This is a fantastic bag at a very reasonable price on AMAZON. It has a pocket on each side, with zippers that slide easily. There is a nice reflective strip and the velcro that makes up the straps, holds the bag very secure. You will want to measure and be sure this bag will fit your bike. If you have a traditional womens bike with a dropped crossbar, you might have a hard time getting it to fit. You can use this guide to look and see if you can meet the necessary measurements for placement.


Here are a few of my pictures of the product:

View of the Right side


View of the Left side


You’ll notice in the above picture that the water bottle caddy is very low on my trail bike. That did cause an issue when trying to place this correctly. However, I came up with a work around, that does the trick nicely. As you can see below, I wrapped the bottom velcro strap through the bottle holder. Had no problem getting the bottle in and out. Also, the bag doesnt rub up against my leg when I ride.  So now when one of us takes the bike out to the trails for a ride, we will have a handy place for keys, snacks, phone etc..  plenty of room in that bag. I even can stuff a thin windbreaker in there!


You cant go wrong for the price. I suggest you try this product, as I would be very surprised if you weren’t happy with it.

Again, It is available from Red Fox Sports on Amazon. I did receive this product in exchange for an honest review, and that is what I have given.

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