Am I really ready?

It’s been a long 9 months since I stopped running full time due to my Achilles tear. I have been advised over and over again to take it easy and not come back too soon. Patience is key with an injury of the Achilles. Anyway… I have the Beach to Beacon 10K next weekend. If you don’t know about the race, it was founded by Joan Benoit, Maine’s queen of running. The race is my all-time favorite of all, just because the crowds are fantastic. It’s held in Cape Elizabeth Maine, and there isn’t a 10th of mile without spectators. Lots of cheering, smiles, music.. water hoses.. Yes, it’s the best!



I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching as to whether or not I am ready for this race. How does one get ready when not able to train properly? I would be running 10-15 miles on my long runs as part of my weekly training, so the 10K would be a piece of cake. I have been doing maybe 6-8 miles a week for the past month or two. Really not that much at all. I keep thinking to myself… “am I ready”?  Going out and doing a race is a bit more than just plodding along the back roads of Maine. When I run I’m not out there to win or even try. I run to finish, and that fills my heart with so much happiness. You don’t know how much you miss it, until you are faced with not being able to do it anymore. 

What have I done to get ready? I’ve run, ridden my Fuji road bike and my new ElliptiGo and skimped on my core work. My coach hasnt been very happy with me not doing it for the last couple of months. Somewhere along the way, when I was told not to train very hard, I lost my mojo for all core work. I just avoid it like the plague. I know that is part of the reason that my back bothers me so much when I run right now. I notice a big change in my gait also.. it’s like I’m not running like I used to. Maybe part of that is because of the constant paranoia that it is going to rupture or tear further. I notice more often I get these weird random pains in my feet and ankle when I run. Somehow though, I manage to put it behind me and keep going.

So when I take a step back and look at my preparation for this race, I would say I am 70% ready. Will I do the race? Yes. I may end up having to walk a lot more than I want to though. Walking really, bugs the heck out of me. When I’m healthy, I can run a lot faster if I take periodic walk breaks. Right now though, I have been walking more than running. As long as something major doesnt happen, I will be out there on the roads of Cape Elizabeth. My husband is on the media team, so if you are running this race, be sure to smile at all the photo guys!  If you see me in my black and red Team Wicked Bonkproof singlet, please say hello!  Happy Running!

One response to “Am I really ready?”

  1. Shari Merkord says:

    You are ready. You’ve got the tools and a plan of how to finish safely. Most runners are the most supportive people I know although we sometimes don’t give ourselves the same support; thinking we are too slow, walk too much, etc. You got this no matter how you finish. Happy Running