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Today I spent some time doing a little “soul-searching” and thinking about what it is I really want to accomplish here. My mind keeps going back to my younger days, a time when I would just leave the house and run at will. Growing up in a small town, where it was considered “safe” to be out alone at night, gave me that freedom to just run whenever I wanted to. I never worried about being abducted, or hit by a car or any of the things that happen in today’s world. Running meant freedom. Freedom from cares, stress, worries, I was able to tuck it all away while I was out feeling the wind in my face. 
Back then I was very thin, actually underweight for my height of 5’10”.  I could wear all those cute running outfits and I felt great in them. I had lots of energy to burn, and that I did! When I wasn’t running, I could be found riding my bicycle or playing tennis. I always had something sportsy to do. All of that changed however, when I got married. Life brings changes, marriage and children change people’s lives, and all of those sure changed mine. I developed a real struggle with junk food. I have to admit that it has always been an obsession of mine. All my life I’ve delved into non stop junk eating. I guess I knew in the back of my mind that once I stopped being so active, it would eventually catch up with me. 
Today has been a day of trying to cleanse my mind of all the nonstop junk food thoughts that keep cropping up.  Things I need to let go of, for good. Things like: soda, coffee, french fries, carbs, carbs, carbs. Seems like all i crave is CARBS.  I feel terrible. My blood-pressure is up, I feel fat and I know I am not living the lifestyle that I should be.  I watched my mother succumb to heart disease. I should know better. I want to live long enough to see my children married and having their own children.
Ok enough of that talk! Whew!  I have a plan and I intend to follow it the best I can. I know I will need help along the way but I’m going to try my darn-dest to NOT give up!  Here’s my basic outline of what lies ahead..
1) Wean off prednisone.  Couple more days and that will be gone!
2)  At least walk daily if I cant get a run in. Prefer to follow C25K day 1, until I can do the whole thing without stopping. It may take a bit, but that’s the game plan.
3) Stop worrying about the ankle. I can do one of two things: either live in fear of another injury, or live my life, not worrying about it, but being smart not to re-injure myself either.
4) Make plans to run at least 1 5K this summer. 
5) All of the above also go hand in hand with cleansing my body of all the junk that has accumulated in my veins. Start trying to eat healthier and stay away from those bad, bad, carbohydrates!
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2 responses to “Thoughts from today”

  1. Thanks Madison! I hope I make you proud 🙂

  2. Madison says:

    I wish you all the luck in the world! I had just started seeing results in my workout regime- 10 pounds!- and then I tore ligaments in my other, previously-healthy foot! So I’m going to work out vicariously through you. Good luck!