Atlanta Half Marathon Race Recap

This past weekend I went to Atlanta to run a half marathon. Why would a Mainer go to ATL? Well for a couple of reasons… 1) My running team, TEAM WICKED BONKPROOF was running as a group, and 2) One of my closest and dearest friends from my hometown lives outside of ATL.  Combine the two, and you have a winning trip!
I had been looking forward to this trip for a while now. The Maine winter has been so hard that I just needed to get away from all the piles of snow we had, and continue to have. 🙁  Seeing brown/green grass was just the thing I needed to pick up my spirits a bit.
I flew down on Thursday and rented a car at the airport, and drove out to my friend’s house.

This was my first time driving in Atlanta traffic. It was c r a z y !!! I have never seen so many cars zipping around me so fast.. but thanks to the Garmin, and to Deb’s directions, I never got lost and made it to her house just fine!   One thing I was so glad to see was the temperature! Finally higher than 35* for a change!

Had a great time passing the hours away with Deb and got to see her mom too! Took in her son’s little league game, did some shopping and even did some visiting. On friday we drove out to Norcross to the Mizuno headquarters so I could visit with some peeps I met last year when I was there doing the Mezamashii video for Mizuno.  Got to spend some time chatting with Rod Foley, the Director of the Running Division. Talk about the nicest, sweetest person! Also got to see LoriAnn, who is the one who discovered my blog and got me into the Mizuno realm. Could have spent all day talking with her, but yes, she had work to do. 😉 Got a tour of the office, and Rod’s wall of shoes.. haha  Was dying to take a picture but didn’t know if it was appropriate or not to ask.  Deb did take our picture, and yes, I look like I am half asleep, while Rod looks great.
Saturday came and it was time to head to the OMNI hotel in Atlanta to check in and go to the race expo. ( the hotel was at the start/finish lines) I walked around and took in the sights, and all the vendors and bought a few things to bring home. Yes, I came home with more shoes than I left here with. No surprise on that one! Actually had to have a big box of stuff Fedex’d home because it didnt fit in my 2 suitcases…
I also got a chance to meet up with my coach, Caleb Masland and his family and friends, the Braxtons for a few minutes, and also met a bonkproof teammate, Alan, who was running his first marathon!

Race morning came, and I was up at 4:30am to get ready. Was nice not to have to put on all the winter gear for a change! I settled on a race singlet, and capri/skirt. I debated whether or not to wear a long sleeved race jersey, and when the temperature dropped and it started to drizzle a bit, I wished I had. I was C O L D.

The race went well.. A whole lot of hills, just like we have in Maine, but one right after the other. I remembered that Caleb had told me to not take it too fast in the beginning so that I would have some energy left for the end hills. I found the marathon 5 hour 30min pace group and ran with them until we split off into the half vs full marathon groups. At that point I was on my own. I struggled a bit around mile 8, and decided to eat as many jellybeans as I could all at once. Right about then, a passing runner decided to chat and I of course had a mouthful and couldn’t. oh well! I did do a fair amount of walking just because I didnt know the course and wanted to make sure that I had enough in me to finish. I knew I wasnt going to set a PR, but I did want to finish in a reasonable time, which I did. It was great to see Caleb and Mark, another team mate, at the corner as I ran to the finish line. They met me at the end to check in and see if I was ok. At that point I was freezing, but felt great that I had finished the race!
After the race, I went back to the hotel to warm up in a nice hot shower and then get ready to go out to lunch with the team mates. We had a great time getting together and swapping stories about our races. Got to make new friends, and see old ones. There’s nothing better than that!
Post Lunch Team Photo
Front Lt to Rt: Lindsay (Mrs Coach), Cori, Weez
Back: Caleb, Abby, Damon, Mark, Alan
( Despite the looks on the kids faces, they actually had a good time! )
Ok now for stats:
Here’s mine first. Not my fastest by any means, but no where near last either.
Just because I want to brag about Team Wicked Bonkproof,
here are Coach Caleb‘s 2nd place stats for the race. Obviously, he is a runner extraordinaire, and if you are looking for a coach that will help you achieve your biggest running goals, Caleb is your guy.
Basically that’s the scoop. Can’t wait to see how my teamies that are running the Boston Marathon will do! You can bet on Caleb having a great race, as always! If I’m not in Boston cheering them on, I will be glued to the TV watching!

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  1. Awesome job Louise! Love the bling, and it looks like you had a great time with friends too!

  2. Carrie says:

    Congrats on another half marathon! Great recap! Jealous of your Mizuno headquarters stop!

  3. Great race recap!!!! Congrats!

  4. Jim in Maine says:

    Great weekend and solid race … thanks for sharing.