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I am very happy to report that I am now an ambassador for 180s. Though it may not be the most well known company out there, I think you will love their products, and I have a few to review here, for you.
Note: First of all, I am not your average sized woman, I am still a bit on the larger size even though I have lost 75+ lbs. When asked what I wanted to review for gear, I was interested in a jacket that I could wear for the winter months in Maine. I chose the men’s jacket instead of the women’s only because I knew it would fit better on me. 
Quantumheat Equalize Training Jacket:
What can I say about this jacket? It’s light, comfortable, and extremely warm. The interior is a soft fleece like material that is soft to the skin and non irritating.
From the 180s website:
“Designed with outdoor training in mind, the QuantumHeat Equalize Training Jacket provides more warmth with fewer layers. The advanced heating technology of QuantumHeat turns moisture into warmth through a unique moisture management system and exclusive construction that captures and retains body heat and amplifies light, essentially doubling the level of warmth with less bulk. Zipper pockets and extended cuffs add additional warmth.”
You can see below what a precisely made jacket this is. I was impressed with some of the features of the jacket that make it stand out to me, a consumer.  In picture A below, you can see the added (red) extension to the sleeve. Makes it a bit longer, and would allow you to keep hands covered if you wish. The only drawback is that there are no thumbholes. I would suggest for future versions, that they explore that option.  Pictures B and C are all about the pockets. They are perfectly located, not too far front, nor back and are nice and deep as I have illustrated below. I have been wearing this jacket non-stop since it arrived, and it’s been about 30-40* outside, and my hands are toasty warm in the pockets.
In D below, I show a close-up of the zipper. Strong, flows evenly and doesn’t catch on the fabric. A big plus!  E shows the front hand pocket, and the rugged yet slim-lined zipper pull that doesn’t snag your sleeves when running. F is the zipper garage, which doesn’t rub against my neck like a lot of other jackets do. I found that when I open the zipper to get some ventilation, it doesn’t flop around needlessly either. In G below, you can see their logo, and how reflective it is. Very bright!
I wore the jacket out for my long run last weekend. The weather was 39* and I had on a sweat-wicking long-sleeved shirt underneath. I found that I was almost too hot. I could have worn a short sleeved shirt and that would have been enough underneath. You can see in picture H that there is something infused into the fabric that helps to hold the warmth, yet still wicks appropriately. I have struggled to find a jacket that would keep me warm enough for the below 40* weather in Maine. I now know I have found what I have been looking for.  In picture I is the QuantumHEAT logo.. very cool, and reflective.
Next up:  Impulse Arm Sleeves
When asked what size arm sleeves I wanted, I measured my (flabby) bicep and asked for a size Large. Because of my plump upper arms, they are a bit tight around the top. I could have easily gone with a size XL, but they were also a little bit too long in the size Large. These are meant to be worn with a glove or mitten, and have no thumbholes. I’m just not used to wearing an arm covering without one! Again, for future productions, the company might want to consider that most runners like the option of the thumbholes.
I can’t say enough about the reflectivity… look at the brightness of these stripes and logo! I definitely would been seen wearing these at night. I’m thinking these will be perfect come springtime when it’s a little cool at night but not so much that I need a jacket.
I also snapped picture of the front and back of the box, which covers all the special qualities about the sleeves. I will definitely be getting a lot of use from these!
And last but not least:  All Touch, CRG Gloves (Convertible Run Glove)
Now we will discuss gloves. I for one, have hands that stay cold all winter long and I am totally serious when I state that. I normally always have to wear mittens and have my fingers touching to keep them warm enough. I have tried, numerous times to figure out a plan for gloves, so that I could handle my Iphone went running. I decided that I would try these gloves first of all, just as they are. They come with a convertible coverlet (the green part), which flips over the fingers or can be tucked in. I figured that might just do the trick!  When asked about what size I needed, I automatically said “send me a L/XL” since I have wide hands and most women’s gloves don’t fit me. These are unisex, so I was hoping these would be perfect. Much to my surprise, (See L below) they were huge on my hands. It was nice to see that my hands weren’t too big for a change, but disappointing that they didn’t fit correctly, which I assume is due to my poor choice in size.
Now I could have easily exchanged them for a different size but I wanted to test the waters, per se. I took these out on a run, and I have to say that these really aren’t made for 30* weather. I decided to try an experiment, and put on a pair of those cheap stretchy gloves (See N) you can find at the dollar store, underneath these gloves, and voila, the fit was perfect. (See M) When I went to use my Iphone, it was fairly easy to swipe the screen and push the buttons as needed. My hands were a whole lot warmer than before, but like I said, I have issues in the winter with circulation in my hands.
 I guess the morale of the story is measure your hand carefully! The only critique I have is maybe they could add a flip top to the first finger of each glove, so that the person would have the opportunity to use a fingertip without having to remove the glove. I know that when my Iphone gets any moisture on the screen, it becomes much harder to swipe. I would absolutely have to take off a glove in that instance.
Here is the description of the gloves from their packaging:
As I stated above, I am very pleased to be representing this company. The CEO actually called me personally and wanted to get to know me before we discussed me being an ambassador. He obviously cares about his products and wants the right people advertising for him. He was very open, and honest, and great to talk to! The customer service is top notch, and I feel that if you had any issue at all, they would work their hardest to resolve it. Please give their products a try!  website:

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  1. Those gloves are really cool. Never heard of the company but their stuff sounds pretty neat. Great, thorough reviews!

  2. I like the gloves with the mitten.

  3. Pretty awesome stuff!!!!