Mezamashii the best run ever

Last Sunday I ran my first half marathon! It was the Maine Half in Portland ME. I have to say it was one of the best experiences that I have ever had and would have been perfect if I hadn’t had to stop 3 times at the port-a-potties. (I have IBS, which acts up when I run). I wanted to complete two goals, the first to finish the race, and the second to try and come in under 3 hours, which I did accomplish. 🙂
This week is all about recovering. My coach, Caleb Masland is very particular about resting, and not overdoing it the week after a big race. My workout this week was easy running and/or biking, no particular time or speed work, just easy-peasy. Last night I took off for a run around 5pm. I figured I could get it done before dark, which is about 6:30pm. I got up the road about 1.5 miles, and my gut started acting up again, and I had to call for a ride home. I was having a good run, and really was upset that I had to bail again. I am so tired of the bowel issues ruining my running. I was just about to call it quits last night and hang up the towel for good.
About 6:30pm I decided that I was tougher than I was giving myself credit for, and so I got into my Mizuno running gear (my favorites btw…) and slid on a warm jacket and hat and went out the door. I purposely wore my Mizuno Wave Sayonara’s on my feet. The night was about 50* and the sky was nice and clear. I was all toasty warm and I was determined that I was going to get 40 mins of easy running done, no matter what.
Have you ever had a run when everything just fell into place like clockwork and you were easily able to detach yourself from the run, even though your body was going through the motions? Lucky for me, that happened last night. In Japanese, it’s called “Mezamashii”. The most brilliant, awe inspiring run ever. If I had quit running last night, I would have missed out on the best run that I’ve ever had. Normally I use run/walk segments, as I find that if I walk, I recover fast and am able to run much faster that way. Last night I decided that since my big race was now behind me, it was time to up the ante’ and run full out, without the walk breaks.
I was running, but my feet barely felt like they were hitting the ground. I had a flashlight shining on the ground in front of me, and it was mesmerizing… I got lost in the subtlety of the light, and just focused on relaxing while I ran. I took the time to speak to my parents, and since they have left this earth, I hope they heard me from up above. I had vivid images of both of them in my mind as I ran. I felt a warmth of comfort and peace surround me, and it made the Mezamashii experience so much more fulfilling.
I ended up going 4 miles, in 45 mins which is record time for me! I stopped a couple of times to admire the night sky and how peaceful it was outside. I felt like I could have run forever… until I pulled a muscle. It hurt, but I kept going. I just put it out of my mind and wasn’t going to let it stop my brilliant run. When I got home and uploaded my Garmin, I was so happy to see this… Negative splits!!! Yay!!
That’s a first for me!
I am so fortunate to have my health back after all those years of being so obese that I couldn’t do anything. Life has been very good to me, and I am determined to make the best of it in every way possible. Lucky for me, I’ve been sponsored by the great people at Mizuno Running. Mizuno knows how to treat it’s runners with style, finesse, and outstanding products.
If you haven’t joined the Mezamashii Run Project, there’s still time!
It’s so worth the few seconds that it takes to sign up.. trust me!!

4 responses to “Mezamashii the best run ever”

  1. Congratulations!! There’s nothing like the experience of running your first half marathon.

  2. Jen says:

    I’m so proud of you and your accomplishment of completing your first 1/2!!!! You are amazing!!!