Making of a video at Mizuno: DAY 4

Thursday we were out at the Mizuno warehouse for filming. It was an interesting setup. Boxes and crates everywhere, but in the middle they set up a shooting area and this is where the filming would be. We were all given a script and time to memorize it. Lucky for me, I was next to last, so by the time my turn came around, my script was all set and I pretty much had it memorized.
I’ll tell you that it was just like you see on TV, with all the people in those directors chairs, and all the lights and equipment all around. It was totally amazing! So exciting and kind of overwhelming at times.
I could have taken tons more pictures, but because this was a professional crew from Hollywood I wasn’t allowed to, which was ok. I have blurred out faces also as I didn’t have a chance to let them know I was going to post a couple on the blog. I will be happy to remove any that might need to be.
If you aren’t a Mezamashii project team member, you need to register NOW!! There are a bunch of cool things coming up and you won’t want to miss out on all the fun. If you have never tried Mizuno shoes, you really should as they are amazing. The people behind the shoes are the best part 🙂 
Here’s the link to the project, where you can sign up and get ready for what is coming this year! 
Saying goodbye to the people at Mizuno and the marketing/publishing company was hard.. it was a fantastic whirlwind week with plenty of
excitement and hard work. It was totally worth every single minute!
Goodbye Atlanta…
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