Making of a video at Mizuno: DAY 1

Today is monday and I left Bangor at 6:50 this am for my trip down here to Atlanta. First flight was to Detroit, then on down to the peachtree state.
First impression: Georgia looks similar to Maine in that there are lots of trees. But.. OMG 8 lanes of traffic on the highway? UGH!! Our driver Lisandra was amazing.. and was not stressed at all. I kept closing my eyes as I was so nervous that someone was going to sideswipe us. She navigated around the traffic like a pro. I feel very confident having her drive us around this week.
Got to the W Midtown hotel. Very nice, right in the heart of the city. Ultra modern, compared to anything else that I have ever stayed in. Great view of the city, or I should say, of the neighboring buildings..  Much more majestic than we have in Maine for sure. I kinda like it. Kinda.
As you can see in the next picture, I have made myself right at home on the desk in my room. Lots of space to spread stuff out. Notice the bagels I brought from home. Gotta have my blueberry bagels!
When I checked in downstairs, the clerk wanted my debit card to charge the room and I explained to him that the room was already paid for. He said it was not a “full charge” but just an authorization. When I got up to my room, I looked online and saw the bill was already charged to my debit card  I sent a text msg to Dave, our producer and within mins it was all fixed. He came to meet me at the desk and apologized profusely for the mix-up  I can’t ask for nicer treatment. The desk staff is wonderful, and it’s surprisingly easy to get around here so far. Since I have some free time tomorrow morning, I may go exploring.
I don’t have the itinerary for tomorrow just yet. Dave is supposed to let me know what time and where to be. I’m anxious to get this show on the road! hahaha 🙂  Watch out Atlanta! Weez is here!
(Here’s the link:)  What’s next: Day 2, “running segments
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  1. It was nice meeting you yesterday! I can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  2. Jen says:

    So awesome!!!!!!