The demise of the snowman

For any of you Starbucks lovers out there, the holiday season brings the return of the magical holiday snowman cookie. Now up till this year, I have managed to avoid these as I really am not into the sugary cookie stuff. But recently on a treat-run to “sbux”, my friend A decided to treat me to a snowman cookie to go with my Non-fat Chai Latte. At first I wasn’t too sure, as I am trying to watch my weight and not eat too many sweets. ( I ALWAYS listen to my Weight Watcher leader) But I caved, and now I have to admit that I am semi-addicted to snowmen cookies.
Gee thanks A. 😉
And so the story begins. This morning, it was payday and I decided to celebrate
with a Chai Tea Latte  and a
I tried to get my cube neighbor at work to split it with me,
 but he wasn’t going to give,
 so I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands.
I thought that I would be satisfied with just one bite. Only 1.
I figured I’d just round him off a little and then put it away for later.
(OCD anyone?) 😉
I did put him down on the desk and answer a phone call, but while I was talking
I was secretly lusting drooling over staring at this stupid piece of
goodness in front of me.
( I couldn’t wait to get off the phone!)
I thought to myself,” He’s a little chubby, maybe I should
slim him down a bit.
He doesn’t need all those calories…
But after doing that, he looked like an eggplant,
so of course I just had to fix it.

But ummm…. not quite the look that I could be satisfied with.
So I stared at it some more,
and decided to just “nibble” a teeny bit more.
 Just a bit.
There! That looks way better! I can finally get back to work. So I set the wonderful
little treat aside and went back to my work on the pc. Every now and then I swear I could hear a teeny little voice saying, “Weeeeeez”,  “Weeeeeez”  At that point I was getting annoyed. It was only 10am, and not even lunchtime yet. Here I was stressing over this dam cookie that was on my desk.
So I took the plunge…
And then he was a bit lopsided, so….
But even that didn’t turn out the way I wanted. and he kind of looked sad,
with no body and a mis-shapen head, no hat and no mouth. 🙁
I figured that would be an easy fix.
There! A nice little face, just staring up at me from a comfy tissue paper. I left him there on the
desk for a few minutes. And yes, it was taunting me big time.  I answered a phone call,
made a cup of coffee and came back to my desk only to find that it was really starting to irritate me that I was still hungry and it wasn’t lunch time yet. But then.. I remembered something that my Weight Watcher leader had said about snacking, and when done correctly, it can
be helpful to keep your metabolism going.  So I though to myself.. there!
I am giving my metabolism a boost! Yay for me!
And then it happened… It was all so quick. Just a blur really….
Good by Mr Snowman. You certainly made my morning quite eventful. I will never forget your kindness in squelching the stomach rumbles.
MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Holidays, and Happy Hanukkah to all!
Disclaimer: No real snowmen were maimed, mauled or tested upon in this story.
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  2. That was funny! Maybe a bit bored at work??? Mwahahaha!

  3. Darlene says:

    I’ve eaten a few of these . They’re good

  4. Jen says:

    Too cute!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    hahahahahaha…this made my night!

  6. Tami says:

    LOL- thanks for the laugh 🙂