The Mezamashii Memory Run 2012

Note: This post inspired Mizuno Running USA to reach out to me to do a promo spot for the Mezamashii campaign. You can read all about my trip to Atlanta for the filming, HERE.


Joseph M Bourque 10/20/1919-06/05/2012
Yesterday was my father’s birthday. I had plans to run in his honor yesterday, but here in Maine, it was pouring buckets all day, so I opted to wait for today. I had my usual breakfast and got dressed and headed out to the local trails. Today’s run was not about me, nor my pace, or distance, it was about the memory of my father and all that we shared together.
When I started running in March of this year, his comments would always be, I’m proud of you but be careful! Then when I was outside running in April and May, he always complimented me on how great I looked (as I was losing weight) and always wanted to know how far I ran. As his health started to deteriorate, he never missed a chance to ask me if I had a race coming up, and how was I doing with my weight loss and running. I often wished that mom had still been alive to share this with us, but I know she was looking down on me from above and smiling.
I was running through the forest today, and thinking what a beautiful day it was. 60* out, and sunny, just a bit of a breeze and the ground was nice and soft from yesterday’s storm. I decided that I would talk to my parents and think of them the whole run. Of course, I made sure that I was quiet when I was talking so people on the trails wouldn’t think I was crazy!
When I run in the forest, my mind doesn’t wander too much usually. I get zoned out and just fly along, not really thinking at all. Today, I made sure I thought about all the different memories I had of my father, as I was growing up. All the fun times that we went to camp, went for rides in the woods to look for animals, shopping, hanging out at his grocery store, going hunting, going to the dump… etc…  Lots of things for my mind to paw through. I imagined my father as a young man, running alongside me for awhile. Of course, he was 42 when I was born, but I had found this photo of my parents and chose that image in my mind for awhile.
I spent some time thinking about my mom. When she was healthy as I was growing up, we used to go walk in the evenings. We shared that time together many, many nights. We’d sometimes stop and visit relatives and friends along the way, and it always was a good time, regardless. My mom was a special lady. In her mind, she was there to raise us girls, and to be my father’s wife. She was lucky enough to stay home all those years, and was happy keeping house. I miss her, it’s hard to believe she’s been gone 5 years now.
So why did I call today the Mezamashii Memory Run? Well mezamashii means “Brilliant” and is the slogan that Mizuno uses for it’s running shoes. I have been struck by that word from the first day that I put on my Mizuno’s to run. I feel so free in those shoes, they are light as a feather, and basically don’t feel like shoes at all, more like comfy slippers. I set out today to enjoy the scenery and run my heart out for my dad. Usually when I run, I see butterflies that follow me around. Not so much now that the weather is getting colder. But I felt my father’s presence all around me as I ran and I know he was there with me. I have no doubt that I will see him and mom again some day. 🙂
The run was good, and in all I went 9 miles. I put on my music, and went for it. I managed to keep at an average pace of 13-14min miles, which is my normal have fun pace. I wasn’t out to set any records, just to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful forest that God gave us.
Today’s run was definitely Mezamashii and special. I will do it every year from this point on, God willing. Mom’s birthday is in March, so I will try my best to do the same for her. 🙂 Winters in Maine are very unpredictable, and lucky for me, my husband bought me a treadmill so I can run inside this winter. I do have plans to have a go at it outside, I will just have to find someplace where the footing is sure and not slippery since I’ll be running in the dark. Gotta invest in some nighttime running gear! Feel free to let me know what you use when you run after dark, and what you wear in the winter.
Thanks to all my faithful readers, I’m sorry that I havent been blogging much lately. I will try to do better and keep up with all the rest of you! 
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7 responses to “The Mezamashii Memory Run 2012”

  1. Carrie says:

    I’m not sure how I missed this post last month, but I’m glad I got to read it today. This is just beautiful.

  2. Henry says:

    Thank you for the beautiful post. I run in the morning pre-dawn. I use knucklelights to light my way. I dress 10 degrees warmer than it is and try to wear as few layers as possible. My body warms up, except for my hands, pretty well during my runs.

  3. Beautiful post 🙂 Sending positive thoughts your way!! GGS <3

  4. Jen says:

    What a great way to remember and celebrate your parents lives. It sounds like a great run!

  5. Anonymous says:

    You are one amazing lady. Your post is so beautiful. Of course I shed a tear or two. God Bless you. Be safe.

  6. Jen says:

    Hugs, Weez. Such a perfect way to celebrate your father and a beautiful post as well!