Barking Mad about Breast Cancer! V10K

Recently a friend in the running bloggers community was sponsoring a Virtual 10K to raise funds for the Komen Breast Cancer fund.
Of course there was substantial bling involved!
I sent in my donation, received my medal in the mail and did the run in honor of a special friend and co-worker, who is now a Breast Cancer Survivor.  I just couldn’t pass up the chance to run in her honor and to celebrate the lives of my other friends who are survivors also! Having been a mammographer for many years opened up my eyes to how devastating this disease really is. I am so happy to do my little part to help find a cure.

Deb and I set apart some time to get together today to celebrate my run, and to help her start her healing process of getting her “normalcy” back. The first part of this was to get her active again. She’s had some major surgeries, but now is hoping ready to get back to walking/running. We set off to go to my fave walking spot, the cemetery. We had some laughs and did some exploring, and an hour and a half and 2.8 miles later we were done and went to Starbucks to celebrate! But.. not before taking our pictures to document  the event.   Here’s the back of the medal.

We proceeded to put Deb’s camera on the hood of her Jeep and try to get pictures of us together. It did take a few tries, and people walking by must have thought we were crazy.  We took alot of pictures that kinda looked like this… gotta love it! hahaha! Every blog post needs a blooper right?  😉
We had a great time trying to pose. It was to be Deb giving me my medal…
 Well we finally decided on these as it was easier to just stand there! But the wind was blowing like crazy and I look like I’m demon possessed.
I would definitely do this run again in a heartbeat, and I’m betting that Deb will be running it with me next year!
Love ya Deb!
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7 responses to “Barking Mad about Breast Cancer! V10K”

  1. What a great race idea and LOVE the medal! Great work!

  2. Nicole says:

    Great job! It is a great cause and you are a wonderful friend.

  3. This is a great fund raising idea. I am running the Komen 5K and I am trying to raise funds. Making medals and hosting a virtual race is a great way to get donations. Thanks for sharing and contributing to a great cause. ~shari merkord

  4. Jen says:

    You are incredible for doing the 10K in honor of your friend! I love that you celebrated with her as well!