Mezamashii Run Project by Mizuno

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of Mizuno running shoes to try out. Being a minimalist runner, I chose the Wave Universe 4, in purple/neon green. I will explain more further along in this post.


How did I manage to get these? Well if you go to the Mizuno website, you will see something called the “Mezamashii Run Project”. This is an excerpt from their website: “Mizuno will give away thousands of shoes to runners who are looking to experience more euphoric, brilliant, mezamashii running.” The company could have spent millions on an advertising campaign, but instead went directly to the source to have the shoes spread around by the running community itself. What a great and novel idea! Knowing that runners are always up to trying new shoes, it gave both the runner and the company a chance to share their thoughts and comments about their products. 

When I was chosen, I was told that I could pick anything under $130.00 dollars. I studied all the choices carefully, and loved the color combinations. I gravitated toward the neutral shoes and eventually picked the Wave Universe4. Had I not been a minimalist runner, I would have called the fit experts and discussed it with them. My husband for example, didn’t know what to order, so he made the call and LOVES his shoes! So if you are not sure what is best for you, take a minute to call, and have the website  open and the shoe choices in front of you. Makes it very easy.

The word Mezamashii means “eye-opening” or “brilliant” in Japanese. The Brilliant Run is the theme of this opportunity for a pair of shoes. In other words, get a pair, try them out, and experience for yourself how it feels to have a brilliant run! For myself, I can say that these shoes are definitely growing on me. At first it took me a bit to get used to them, but now after 50 miles I can say they are becoming my favorite. I have been working hard on my form, and trying not to “heel strike” when I run. When I am wearing these shoes, because they are completely flat, it causes me to land on the balls of my feet and roll down to my heel as I land. Much safer, and much better for you, as you don’t get the constant jarring of hitting heel first. 

My Brilliant Run is when I am out in these shoes… the run is never-ending! I feel so much lighter on my feet, and I sometimes feel like I’m floating. The tiniest bit of padding underfoot keeps my feet safe running on the asphalt, so I needn’t worry about glass or sharp rocks. I can run and not have any worries other than the occasional car that goes by. I can feel my form is much better and I relax more and enjoy the “ride”. 


3 responses to “Mezamashii Run Project by Mizuno”

  1. Just Jen says:

    Love the shoes!

  2. Jen says:

    Those are some sweet shoes!!!! I may have to try them out. But at the same time – I’m loving the Mushas!! 🙂 Great review.