Com’ere Mojo….

I seem to have lost my mojo or at least misplaced it.
I was a strong runner all summer and then the last two weeks I have struggled. Yes, the weather in Maine has been super humid, and I don’t tolerate the heat very well, but I still have to get out there and do it when I can. I am keeping a 9-10min pace for the most part, but I keep losing my focus and then I stop and walk. So by the time I’m done, it puts me at at 13min mile which is very disappointing. I havent done any more formal races this summer because of that. I dont feel that I am able to keep up a decent current pace that would allow me to feel good about any race. So… I have been doing lots of virtual ones, which allow me to donate money to different causes and charities, and allows me to run when it’s convenient for me, with no pressure, really. Is that a good thing? I dont know. I feel so strongly that I have to get out there and run to keep up my weight loss. SO… I will do it. But man, it is hard lately. My legs feel like lead and I just can’t seem to focus.  Have any of you gone through this? How did you get past it??? Maybe this would help.. lol

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  1. Dana says:

    I’ve had periods when I didn’t feel like running and if I pushed too hard the feeling got even worse. Then I laid off for months. The key is to listen to your body and not push to hard. Remember one of the most important aspects of training is recovery, so you do need to take it easy. Don’t stop, just slow down and taper for a bit.
    Keep it up though.

    • Im too committed to give up now! If I miss a day of running, I stress out even more that if i went and had a terrible run! Today I did something different, and did sprints/walking for fun. It was a good workout! Broke up the pace a bit and made it more enjoyable… 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    I find that sometimes it is okay to take a break. Maybe you need it to bring new life to your running. I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it! Bring on the fall, cooler temps and a renewed attitude for your runs.

  3. Carrie says:

    I definitely go back and forth on good and bad weeks. It is quite frustrating, I can understand. To keep motivated, it helps me to run with others. Have you checked out They are right near you and super supportive. Running to me is 80% mental and it is hard sometimes to stay focused. That seems to be happening to me lately in races and I give up on the hills, when I’m a strong hill runner in training. I hope you can find your mojo…it’s out there.

    • Carrie says:

      Silly of me…you have Mainely Running right on your blog. DOH!

    • Hahaha! Yes Carrie, but they run during the day, and I am at work at 7 so that’s out. I have to run after supper usually and go alone. Its ok, ill get through this as I’m not going to give up that easily!

  4. says:

    It’s good to find a reason to run. I was down in the dumps when I lost my second Rottie to canine cancer, and then I found Chase Away K9 Cancer. When I put on their shirt and race, it means so much to me and my Rotties, Leo and Jersey Girl. I think about them and tell people their stories. Look deep and find something that means a lot to you. You’ll push through anything when it’s important to you. I did.

  5. Jen says:

    Sometimes taking a break makes you crave running even more and cross training instead. It’s a hard call what will work/not work! Best of luck to you.

    • I know what youre saying.. but I am so afraid to not go, and then get lazy and start gaining my weight back. I have yet to start any crosstraining as I’m having a hard enough time just getting out to run after work. I’ll figure this out somehow !

  6. Darlene says:

    I could have written this post.

    • Awww.. sorry to hear that Darlene. I guess it must be common to go through this stuff every now and then, but I have been so gun-ho all summer that I really didnt think this would happen. I’m not giving up though! You have to hang tough too!