Run Strong Think Big V5K

Today I had signed up for another virtual 5K. I like doing these as it allows me to run my fave route and do it whenever it fits into my schedule. I opted for later afternoon today, as the weather was purrrrfect!  Bright blue sky with lots of puffy clouds, the best time for running!

I decided to go my usual route in my town, as I am on call this week and had the beeper tucked into my waistband. I hoped all the way that it wasn’t going to go off, and it didn’t. As I was going over by the power plant  I spied a young mother deer and her brand new fawn. It was the smallest baby deer that I’ve ever seen. Of course they saw me and I tried to get a picture with my camera without getting any closer. It didn’t come out too well, but you can kind of tell there are two deer there.

The rest of the run was delightful and I loved every minute of it. I even walked a little when I wanted to enjoy the moment, hahaha… and of course I had the usual 2 butterflies around me. (see previous post )
Got home and made a hamburger, now it’s time to relax until tomorrow’s run with BFF Sarah!
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