Virtual 13.1

As much as I wanted to do 13.1 miles all at once, it was not within my reach. But, the gracious powers-that-be at MOMSRUNTHISTOWN, have allowed a couple of different ways to qualify and still get a medal at the end.

I decided to get my mileage done in one week instead of in a whole month. I needed to post it for them to see, so here’s the recap of my running week. It definitely was a big more milage in one week than I usually do, and it felt great!
This is the bling I will be recieving in the mail…
And yes.. it was HOT out… the temps have been in the high 80’s with high humidity, but I did it anyway! I’m a TOUGH CHIK after all!
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3 responses to “Virtual 13.1”

  1. Jen says:

    LOVE that medal! You’ve worked so hard to get here and you did it! You should get bonus points for getting it done in this humidity!

  2. Mindy Bobe says:

    Great job getting it done!!! And that medal is sooo cute!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Nice job! I’m still hoping I can squeeze out a 13.1 run for the Hot Mama Half. If not, no worries thanks to Moms Run This Town totally understanding these hot summer days!