Proud Peacock!

Right after work today I went for my run. I am definitely not much of a morning runner, except the occasional weekend. I much prefer going after work, as it helps me to de-stress from the day’s events. I thought about going for a 6-7 miler, but I prefer to do it in one full swoop rather than go and turn around and come back. Since I didn’t want to bother my family to take me into town to drop me off,  I opted for my new favorite route through the village where I live. 

I noticed today that I definitely feel a lot stronger now that I am running longer distances. I struggle though, with my stride, and not wanting to heel strike, but not knowing “how” to run properly…. When I ran in high school back in the 1970’s, we just got out and there and ran. No talk about form or heel striking or anything of that sort. Now, I am running in minimalist shoes, as that is what I prefer, and I am trying hard to use a forefoot strike, and I kind of feel like I am doing that most of the time. I don’t however, know how to run downhill without my ankle hurting a lot. Uphill doesn’t seem to be an issue, but if I lengthen my stride to go downhill, I get pain. If I shorten my stride up, I look stupid… lol. I was watching my shadow as I was running, and I was thinking how uncoordinated  I looked. I tried standing up taller, bringing my shoulders back, lengthening my stride, to make it “look good”, but nope, wasn’t gonna happen. That’s not what it’s about anyway so it doesn’t matter.

I need to find someone who can watch me run, and tell me what I’m doing right, and what I’m doing wrong. I am very determined to keep running now that I have started, and I do NOT want to get injured again. I have to find someone who can help me with this!  It felt so good tonight to be able to run farther in-between my short walking breaks. I was able to do a lot better keeping my breathing under control tonight too. Every once in a while I started to get a little bit light headed, so a quick walk would get that under control and I would take off again. 

Tomorrow Weight Watchers starts up again at work. We have had a 3 week break in-between sessions, and over the break was my father’s funeral. I ate lots of junk, and was way out of control with my eating, but I balanced it out with my running, and I didn’t gain that I know of. As of this morning when I got on the scale, I am down 59 lbs.  That’s half a person!!! An employee at the hospital where I work, stopped me in the hall today and said, “You look WONDERFUL”! I don’t know the woman, though I have seen her around many times, as I have worked there for 27 years. Evidently she noticed that I was doing something right! That felt so good, I wanted to cry. I struggled for so many years with my weight, and absolutely hating how I looked. I would avoid windows and mirrors like the plague. But now it’s fun to sneak a peek and think how good I look finally after all this work.

To those of you out there with a weight issue, who are trying desperately to get motivated, YOU CAN DO IT! When I started Weight Watchers on Jan 2nd, I weighed almost 281lbs. Now I am down to 222lbs, and am shooting for 199 as my first goal to reach. It is so hard starting out, and running was not an option for me when I was that heavy. I waited until I had lost 25 or so lbs and then I started, a tenth of a mile at a time. I never thought I would make it to half a mile in the beginning! But, I got there, and YOU can too. If you are reading this and are struggling, I would be happy to talk with you and encourage you along the way if you like, so feel free to email me. 

Tomorrow will be a rest day, and then thursday Ill try to get in a 5+ mile run after work.  Love to all of you!

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7 responses to “Proud Peacock!”

  1. Sandra says:

    Ahh! Good for you! Good job on the long runs! I am just starting build back up again. I’m on week 4 of a 21 week half marathon training plan. I have thought about finding someone to ‘watch’ me run too. I hope you find someone and get all your form worked out!

  2. Amanda says:

    Thats awesome! I am trying to get into running as a way to de-stress and have some me time!

    • Amanda, its a wonderful way to clear the mind and just let go of everything. I have found it extremely helpful lately, as my father passed away last month. It has helped me in coping sooooo much! I feel great, I think I look good, and its sooo worth it! 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    WOW! You are doing fantastic. I’ve read about people video taping themselves and then watching their own running. What about that?

    • Jen, “Someone” in our family seems to have misplaced the video camera, and to get anyone to even hold my phone and do it will take an act of God! lol I’m asking around the bangor area to see if there are any running coaches around here.. I might have to go out of town if needed to find one!

  4. Tami says:

    Great job- it’s such a good feeling! I just got a new pair of shoes for running and went to a running store where they had me run barefoot on their little “track” to watch my stride- then they chose a shoe based on that. I tried 4 different shoes that helped correct my tendency to pronate and chose the one that felt the best. Don’t know if that’s an option where you are or not? Anyway! Just wanted to say great job!