Virtual Race Recap

Diva’s and Dudes 5K

Tonite I decided I was going to do my virtual 5K that is due this week. Since I took yesterday off, and today was not too bad hotness-wise, I set out to do a 6mile route. About 1.5 miles into it, I decided to veer off the course that I had planned and go in a totally opposite direction. I figured it would be ok, since it’s fairly open, broad daylight and I was feeling adventurous. Normally you would not see me off the main road running alone anywhere. I am so phobic about getting jumped, killed or run over when I’m running. The more I read about the women that have been murdered while running, and those hit by cars, it really scares me. I now only wear one headphone, so I can hear what’s around me, and I always run facing traffic.

Anyway, off I went onto a side route, where there are no homes, this road leads to our local substation power station. I was trying to think of some interesting pictures to take, but this is all I could come up with. I am not one to stop and take a whole bunch of pictures, only because I have my phone on my arm in a pouch, and it’s just too cumbersome to get it out. I was secretly hoping that I would get a high fantastic surge of energy by running under the power lines. 

It was a good run, and since I needed to get my Diva 5K done, I figured tonite was the night! I did meet one kind of creepy looking guy on that back road, but I just took out my headphones, crossed the street and checked behind me as I passed him. No problem. I can kick a guy where it counts if needed. Some day though, I will take a self defense class. 
I still have yet to do a full out run without walking here and there. Granted, when I do walk, it’s only for about 10 seconds at a time, but still, I don’t feel like I’m making much progress. Although, when I hit mile 2, I was doing a 10minute pace! Yay! That felt great! 
I love doing these virtual 5K’s. A lot less pressure. I still am fighting the evil demons that tell me to WALK, and thus I don’t want to run real races until I feel like I’m ready for it. 2 days ago, hubster and I went walking on a trail. That night and all day yesterday, my ankle was so sore and swollen. I was actually  really surprised by that. I thought that since I was doing so much more milage on the paved roads, less milage in the woods would be easy. Nope. Found out otherwise! So.. I guess I wont be a trail runner, as much as I think it would be fun. I will play it safe and stick to paved roads where my ankle co-operates much better. 
Tomorrow is July 4th and there are a couple of options for running. There is a 3K before the city parade. It is very popular and it runs along the parade route, so there is lots of enthusiasm from the crowd. The only issue is that the majority of it, is downhill. Tonite’s run had about a half mile of fairly steep downhill. It really did a number on the cr-ankle, so again, I have found out that I need to play it safe and avoid any major hills for now. Maybe later on that will not bother me. “fingers crossed!” The other option is at 6am, a 5 mile trail run. Nope, I guess I wont be doing that either. That’s ok. I may pick up a race this weekend somewhere in Maine. There are certainly plenty to choose from.
What are you doing for the 4th?  Be safe!
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