Half Birthday Virtual 5K

Today I ran another virtual 5K, to celebrate along with Kelley Sheisonarun. Her half birthday is today, mine is tomorrow. What’s a half birthday? Well for those of us with birthday’s right around Christmas, it’s not very fun. The excitement of the Christmas holiday zaps all the fun out of my birthday. No I’m not having a pity party here, just sayin’ I would love to celebrate my birthday in the summer when it is warm and sunny out! 

My husband accompanied me to the cemetery and he walked the perimeter while I trotted along my route. I actually even stopped halfway and had him drop me off further up the road and I ran home. My mind is still whirling from last weekend, but I’m slowly regaining my focus. 

This morning I was not happy when I got on the scale and I had gained 4 lbs. Makes sense since I ate tons of food after the funeral last weekend and I’ve been off from work this week, and we have been eating out. I am back on my weight watcher wagon though, and am back on track! 

I have some more virtual 5K’s coming up in July, and I’m really trying hard to break a 12 min mile. I have yet to really accomplish that. I guess that will be my goal for this summer. I can do the milage ok, just can’t seem to get a faster time just yet. Not givin’ up.. just going to keep at it!

Love to you all…

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One response to “Half Birthday Virtual 5K”

  1. Jen says:

    You are one determined lady!!!! Great job!